"What if this was your daughter?" Woman's plea to PM over porn site images.

With an Australian website that shared thousands of images of naked girls and women having been exposed in recent weeks, the need for updated legislation has been raised.

Creating a petition last week, Red Heart Campaign founder Sherele Moody has said the need to introduce laws that protect victims of online harassment was now more important than ever and called on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Minister for Women Michaelia Cash to ensure changes were made.

“When people start X-rated internet sites featuring stolen photos of Australian girls and women – posted by callous disrespectful porn predators – the Federal Government and police are powerless to act,” she wrote.

Red Heart campaigner Sherele Moody. Source: Facebook

"No one is charged and prosecuted - not the operators, not the boys and men who elicit these images from vulnerable teenage girls and women and post them onto the internet and not the sickos who get off on these photos."

The site contained several folders that grouped the nude photographs into categories such as geographical location, schools, race, and even by an individual’s name. The site has been removed since Mamamia first reported on it, but many believe it has simply moved to a new address.

"Once the 'illegal' image is removed, the site simply starts again. One innocent intimate selfie taken by a teen girl and given in confidence to her boyfriend who betrays that trust by posting it to a porn site can be viewed by hundreds of millions of men around the globe."

An act which, Mooney argues, should surely be illegal.

A screenshot of the now deleted Australian photo sharing site. 

"We need Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to stop failing Australia's girls and women. He must take action and hold the perpetrators of these sites to account," Moody continues in the petition, which at the time of publishing was just a few hundred signatures shy of reaching its 35,000 signature target.

As of yet, no one has been charged with the creation of the site, or the possession and distribution of the images.

You can find Red Heart's full petition here.