Australian Idol: Where are they now?

Remember when Australian Idol was a new and innovative show that took over your lounge room to give you that one inspiring message:

‘Out there, somewhere, somebody sings worse than you.’

Ok, there was a lot of legit talent on that show.

Most of us have forgotten about our old Idol pals, so seeing Shannon Noll pop up in memes or Guy Sebastian at Eurovision comes as a wild walk down memory lane.

Let’s revisit the good ol’ days of having one talent show on television and see where our heroes are now.

Shannon Noll

Source: Channel 10/Facebook. Shannon Noll:

Noll, Nollsy, Nollo-mate. Shannon became an icon of the Aussie everyman with the worst facial hair to see the screen since Dame Edna forgot to pluck. Noll continues to tour Australia and belt out the hits. What about me, indeed.

 Guy Sebastian

Source: Channel 10/Facebook. Guy Sebastian.  

There are few faces as synonymous with Aus Idol than Guy Sebastian.

Sebastian was the first winner of the show and brought us bangers such as: Angels Brought Me Here and all the other songs that you belt out at 2am in the bar but can't remember in the light of day.

Sebastian recently killed it at Eurovision in 2015 and brought home 5th place for a country that technically doesn't deserve to compete. On ya, mate.

Watch a cracking clip of Guy singing Climb Every Mountain from the original season.

Video via Channel 10


Source: Channel 10/Facebook. Paulini.

Paulini or Pauline Curuenavuli graced our screens in season 1 and set our hearts on fire with her fiery attitude and smooth vocals. Paulini continues to chase her singing dreams with the release of her third studio album in May 2015.


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Ricki-Lee Coulter

Source: Channel 10/Instagram. Ricki-Lee Coulter.

Ricki-Lee Coulter: A fan favourite in season 2, Ricki was knocked out in the final rounds but later returned as a host in Season Six. Ricki now works as a radio presenter in Sydney for Nova 96.9 and still records music.

Casey Donovan

Source: Channel 10/Facebook. Casey Donovan.

Donovan won the second series of Idol at the tender age of 16 - making her the series' youngest ever winner. Donovan has continued her to grow her career in the music industry. Donovan grabbed the headlines again in recent years after revealing she was victim to a six-year-long scam relationship conducted over the telephone.

Anthony Callea

Source: Channel 10/Facebook. Anthony Callea.

Callea won our hearts in season 2 with a voice of an angel and a face to match.  He went on to create a strong career in Australian music with chart-toppping singles. The last album the young singer released was a Christmas album in 2013.

Jessica Mauboy

Source: Channel 10/Facebook. Jessica Mauboy.

Mauboy has been a household name ever since she came second in season four of the season.

Mauboy has made a hugely successful career for herself in film and television since appearing in the show. Highlights include her roles in Bran Nue Dae and The Sapphires.

Matt Corby

Source: Channel 10/Facebook. Matt Corby.

Matt Corby broke the hearts of Australian audiences in season five with his soft acoustic vocals and bold voice. Corby continues to be a chart-topper with a talent that has grown as lusciously as that beard.

Natalie Gauci

Source: Facebook/Channel 10. Natalie Gauci.

Season five winner of Idol Natalie Gauci could belt out a tune with the best of them and went on to perform internationally after the competition. Gauci recently revealed her battle with drugs after finding loneliness in fame. Gauci now lives in London and has plans to continue her musical career.

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