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Australian husbands are the worst in the world and why it’s women’s fault. (video)

Rebecca Huntley is a social researcher and writer with a background in publishing, academia and politics. Recently, at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas, Bec spoke about how Australian men fail in the domestic area and what responsibility women must take for this.

The title of her talk was deliberately provocative but it’s a FASCINATING topic and she’s a terrific speaker.

Domestic duties and the battle between sexes is always a hot topic on MM, but how is it women’s fault?

Here’s my chat with Rebecca……

Not such an issue in my house. I am the domestic disaster chez moi. But I know I’m unusual. In most households, domestic standards do fall in more traditional ways.

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What do you think, do you agree? Are Australian men domestically challenged and is it women’s faults for not demanding they do a better job? Or is this a load of bollocks and men are gifted with a mop?