$1 million gets you a run-down terrace in Sydney. Or THIS in Malibu or Paris.

This is what $1.5 million will buy you in inner-Sydney

It’s expensive to live in Australia. Beautiful and delightful etc etc, but SO EXPENSIVE.

And it’s not just you and us and everyone you know complaining about the living costs here. A study has just confirmed that Australian housing prices are the most inflated in the world.

According to a global housing review from the Bank of International Settlement, Australia is up there with Norway, Great Britain and Sweden when it comes to buying a home.

Which is not ideal, if you’re wanting to buy in Australia right now. The good news is that even though the past 18 months have been particularly hard for potential home-buyers, there should be some relief coming.

In the meantime, let’s really demonstrate how expensive it is to live in Sydney or Melbourne or Adelaide, or really, anywhere in this sunburned country of ours.

This is what $1 million will get you in Australia.


These are the kinds of mansions and castles and Parisian apartments you can get for $1 million elsewhere in the world.

Before you book a one-way ticket to Canada or France, remember how lovely it is to live here, yeah?

Are you a renter or an owner? Are you planning on moving because of property prices? 

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