Six telltale signs one is worthy of sitting front row at Australian Fashion Week.

To the uninitiated, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week can be an overwhelming and fascinating microcosm where glitter ponytails aren’t given a second glance.

But even to the untrained eye, there’s one club we can all identify with ease: the bloggers, reality TV alumni, actors and models that make up the Front Row.

The coveted position whereby your view of the show is not inhibited by three stylish heads in front of you, and where your actions during the show are just as well-documented as the clothing itself.

1. Costume changes.

Fashion Week consists of back-to-back shows over six days. If you’re attending several shows in the one day, changing outfits in between guarantees fresh fodder for the fashion photographers and news outlets that are flocked at the event.

Anna Heinrich managed to wear four outfits in the one day. We noticed, Anna, and you looked gorgeous.

Half of the day's attire. Image: Getty

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2. Thigh-high heels

You can’t deny the fashion FRow power of the thigh-high boot.

Jesinta Campbell walked around in them like a boss at the Bec & Bridge show:

Image: Getty

Jennifer Hawkins took a monochrome approach with hers at Maticevski:

Image via Getty

As did super bloggers Tash Sefton and Elle Ferguson:

Image: Getty

Coincidence? We think not.

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3. Sunglasses indoors are definitely acceptable.

When you think about it, there’s really no other place or time you can get away with this highly impractical use of your sunnies, so why not?


Image: Getty

4. A black blazer is always a good idea.

As Vogue’s Edwina McCann, Delta Goodrem and Kate Waterhouse know, nothing says Powerful Fashion Person like a solid blazer of the black variety.

Image via Getty

Image: Getty

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5. Details, details, details.

At first glance, a front rower’s outfit might not look like it’s reinventing the fashion wheel. But when you look closer at those intricate details you’d never even consider when getting dressed in the morning, you realise you’re in the presence of fashion’s divine.

Case in point? Lindy Klim’s shoes. Would you just look at that detail.

Image: Getty

6. Punchy lipstick.

Another telltale sign of a serial FRower? The bright, poppy lipstick. Yes, any fashion lover worth her social media following is aware accessories don’t end at your earrings, darling.

Image: Getty

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