Nine of our favourite women share their Christmas traditions.


Bianca Dye

“The one where I feel guilty for not seeing all the family members who I had “promised” I would drop around to and  say hi…”

Bianca Dye is a radio rost and author. 

Wendy Squires

“I don’t buy in to Christmas tradition. However, I do make a habit of calling  people I may not have spoken to all year on the day if I know it is important to them.”

Wendy Squires is a writer and journalist. 

Emma Watkins

“For over 20 years The Wiggles have visited the Sydney Children’s hospital on Christmas Day to see the children and their families who can’t leave the hospital at Christmas time. Now for the last five years I have been part of this tradition and it’s a really special day, we sing Christmas carols and the children sometimes want to sing their favourite Wiggles song. The nurses, doctors and staff all join in and it’s just a small part of the day where the children can sing and the families can enjoy too.”

Emma Watkins is the Yellow Wiggle.

Kate Ellis

“I love all of the time with the family at Christmas. I do like to watch Carols by Candlelight on Christmas Eve and predict the feedback my mother is going to give the next day on who was good, who was bad and a full critique of the night’s fashions.”

Kate is the Federal Member for Adelaide and the Shadow Minister for Education.

Sophie Monk

“Christmas Eve family dinner at the Sheraton on the Gold Coast. We always end up in their pool afterwards with our clothes on!”


Sophie Monk is an Australian singer, model and actress.

Shelly Horton

“You are going to think I’m crazy but for the past 10 years or so it’s been a family tradition to steal Baby Jesus out of Mum’s precious nativity scene and hide him in unusual places.  This year my Aunt stole him early and posted him to me in Sydney.  I take photos of him having adventures and send them to Mum.  It drives her crazy.  I’m taking him to Oprah.  I figure it’s time Baby Jesus met my god.”

Shelly is a journalist, commentator and founder of ShellShocked Media.

Robin Bailey

“Family. Sadly my sister and her family will be back in the UK but my mum will be with us and my cousin and her family. My three sons (15, 13, 11) are already talking about how they will teach Riley their 3-year-old cousin about Santa. It is too cute!”

Robin Bailey is a host on Robin, Terry and Bob Breakfast team on Brisbane’s 97.3 FM.

Tanya Plibersek

“Christmas Eve dinner with my family, followed by a drive to Como West to check out the Christmas lights.”

Tanya Pibersek is Tanya Plibersek is the Federal Member for the seat of Sydney and Deputy Leader Of The Opposition.


Janice Petersen

“Having a real Christmas tree is something I treasure. That familiar whiff hits me as I walk in the front door and the giddy wistfulness of Christmas time overwhelms me.”

Janice Peterson is co-host of SBS World News. 

What’s your favourite Christmas tradition?