#TBT to our favourite childhood food.

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To whom it may concern,

It’s not often I write a love letter. You can probably tell by my use of the words ‘to whom it may concern.’ But I have something to say, and I’m not going to hold back.


Our romance has spanned over two decades, and still, my love remains remarkably strong.

As a child, you provided me with endless joy. There’s something about your texture and versatility that made you one of my diet staples as I was growing up. Fairy bread, sausage sandwich, vegemite, peanut butter, honey…it didn’t matter. You were always there for me. And now, years on, you’re still here for the kids of Australia.

Yes girl, yes. Image:

So I’ve asked a few of them to say a few words, because this love letter isn’t about me, bread. It’s about you.

“It’s fun and yummy.”

Mmm yes. This is what one six-year-old had to say about the joy you bring. She thinks you’re fun. I think she associates you with fun, because you’re always there at parties, and fundraising events, sporting matches, and family lunches.  Always bringing people together – not tearing them apart.

Who's hungry? Images: iStock.

“I like banana and honey. I have it for breakfast.”

This eight-year-old would like everyone to know that their toast preference is, in fact, banana and honey.


It could be said that I shouldn’t have asked a pre-lingual child to say a few words. But that would be discrimination. What this 18-month-old is clearly trying to say is that there are no words that can express the feeling bread gives them. Do they get most of it on their face, rather than in their mouth? Maybe. But who am I to judge?

Our little ones have had some super insightful things to say. Watch this video to see more (post continues after video):

“My whole family eats it.”

According to this 11-year-old girl, there aren’t many things her whole family will eat. They’re picky. But white bread – they all eat.

It’s simple.

At a time when there are as many diets as there are people, and everyone’s obsessed with weight loss, and paleo, and blood types, and eating styles I can’t even pronounce, bread takes us back to what eating is about: fueling our bodies so we can do all the fun stuff.

What do your little ones say about bread?

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