Hold the parmesan: Models eat some food. Make national news everywhere.

Models do the darndest things, don’t they? Mostly, these things involve Leonardo di Caprio, walking fast in extremely high heels or getting a new white ink tattoo. Very, very occasionally however, they step so far out of the boundaries of normal model behaviour, they make national news.

Are you ready?

Models. Can’t. Stop. Eating.

Apparently the newspaper’s sources say that the models on the set of the new season of Australia’s Next Top Model are enjoying the complimentary food on set. Too much.

The news was so big, they ran it online too.

Oh God. They’re eating it from a catering van.

According to the story, the models are “unable to keep their paws off the finger-licking food provided to them on set.” But that’s not all. They are also apparently “eating out of boredom”.

And you know what horrible thing happens when you eat, right? The source knows: “Word is they are struggling with a bit of weight-gain”.

Which, is not, apparently, A Good Thing.

But even ANTM judge Alex Perry ran a mile from this story: “There is no way that you are getting me to say anything about models and their weight.”

Linda Evangalista is a guest judge on this next season of Australia’s Next Top Model. And Jen Hawkins is hosting. We bet both these women have partaken in the free catering on occasion. Photo: Fox8.

To these young women, young models, we say congratulations. Bon appetite.

These women have finally found a catering van with decent food.

And they are eating the free, tasty food.

Here’s a possible reason why: Not because they’re bored but because they’re hungry.

When Alex Perry runs away from you when you try and talk to him about model’s body, you know you’re onto a shit thing.

So here it is: you go for it, ladies! If your work is providing free food and it is delicious, then you get yours. It is part of your package.

You eat now. You eat All The Foods. All the tasty, free food.

While you do that, the rest of us are going to go and eat a rissole to celebrate the fact that some newspaper is not going to tell the world what we put in our gobs.