Is this the world's favourite country?

It’s not enough that we have incredible beaches, beautiful weather and brilliant people. Now, we’re the proud holders of the most coveted title in the social media world.

Australia is officially the most popular country on Instagram.

With photos of baby possums and beautiful city skylines, it’s no wonder we’ve clocked over one million followers.

Just look at that view. Who wouldn’t want to follow us on Instagram?


And it appears we’re way ahead of the pack. Canada, in second place, has only 131,000 followers. New Zealand? A modest 30,000. Britain? 11,000.

So while we can’t access most American videos, get free shipping to our country or watch our favourite TV show at the time it airs, at least we’re popular on social media.

And that’s all that matters, right?

Click through the gallery below for incredible images from the most popular country on Instagram.