An entire Australian city set to be named 'breastfeeding friendly'.

Palmerston, in the Northern Territory, is set to pass plans to make the city “breastfeeding friendly” – according to local media.

It is thought to be the first council led city-wide approach in Australia.

Buildings across the city will be marked with “breastfeeding friendly” stickers if initiatives are passed through council later this month.

“It may not seem like a lot, but it is a lot to mothers,” Palmerston Deputy Mayor, Seranna Shutt, told NT News.

“From the mothers I’ve spoken to, these baby steps are a great step to normalise breastfeeding,” she said.

Local mum, Chloe Mellross, said the moves would make her feel more comfortable when breastfeeding.

“The sticker says: ‘this is okay’. I try to cover up where I feel I should – but, I shouldn’t have to do that,” Ms Mellross said.

Some women feel more comfortable when they know other patrons support breastfeeding. Image supplied. 

"The Australian Breastfeeding Association is delighted that the City of Palmerston has developed this wonderful initiative that will help mothers to feel supported to breastfeed their babies in public, " Rebecca Naylor, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Breastfeeding Association told Mamamia.

Palmerston Mayor Ian Abbott told NT News the council was working towards making breastfeeding more comfortable for residents.

“While City of Palmerston buildings do meet many of the criteria’s outlined by mothers, such as cleanliness, comfortable seating and having space to move a pram, we could provide additional comforts not yet covered, as well as promoting and supporting other businesses around Palmerston to join us in taking the pledge,” Mr Abbott said.

The council is looking to "lead the way and take a pledge to provide breastfeeding friendly spaces in their buildings, as well as promoting and supporting other businesses around Palmerston to join us in taking the pledge".


The initiative is predicted to cost the council around $2,000 to implement.

Women in Australia have the right to breastfeed and express milk anywhere however, the Australian Breastfeeding Association provides a list of list of breastfeeding friendly venues.

They also provide free "Breastfeeding Welcome Here" stickers to businesses in order to make mothers feel more welcome.

"Breastfeeding your baby is a normal and natural thing to do.  Mothers have the right to breastfeed their babies wherever they feel comfortable," said Ms Naylor.

"In our society however, although breastfeeding is acknowledged as important for mothers and babies, some people make critical remarks or confront mothers with unnecessary and illegal 'rules'."

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