A woman helped a fellow Aussie traveller in trouble and became the internet's new hero.

Meet Grace Cheatley.

She’s just a regular gal from Victoria who, when she saw a fellow Aussie in trouble, decided she would offer to help.

Grace Cheatley
Image via Facebook.

In doing so, she's become the country's newest hero. So much so, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced she'll be the new face of a just-announced $15 bill.

(Okay, so I made that last part up... but we're so moved by Grace's actions, we're willing to start up a bit of a campaign.)

What did Grace do that's captured the hearts and minds of an entire country?

Preparing to disembark an Emirates flight, she noticed a man struggling to get his luggage from the overhead locker and falling down the stairs while disembarking the plane. It turns out the man, Boris Pascoe from Western Australia, had drunk a grand total of eight drinks during the flight, including Hennessy cognac, which he had consumed before.

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And so began Grace's brave perilous hilarious mission to ensure Boris made it to his connecting flight.

She also caught the whole thing on film for our viewing pleasure. See? We told you she was a bloody hero.

Grace helped Boris down a set of steep escalators, helped him find his lost phone and even helped evade the attention of some security guards as he laid down in the terminal, the buttons on his shirt undone.

"No, he's okay," Grace said when a man asked if the pair needed any help.

"Sorry, I'm just looking after him."

Grace Boris drunk flight
There's nothing like the helping hand of a friend...

She then helps Boris make it through airport security, a scary task for even the most sober amongst us.

"Ssshhhh... You gotta be quiet 'cause we're going through security, okay?" she told a rather rowdy Boris.

"Really quiet, promise? I don't want to get arrested."

Grace Boris drunk flight
"I don't want to get arrested," Grace told a rowdy Boris.

And, in case you're wondering, Boris was pretty darn thankful for Grace's help.

"WONDER WOMAN!" he screams by way of thank you towards the end of the video.

The pair are now on their way to becoming the very best of friends, reuniting in the comments section of the video posted online.

"Can't thank this girl enough for getting me on my flight. Thanks for the love guys," Boris wrote, to which Grace responded, "BORRIS!!!!!"

You'll never see a closer Aussie duo... well, except maybe Toby Abbott and his trusty budgie smugglers.

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