A whole bunch of your favourite Aussie TV shows won't be coming back next year.

OK… so we have some bad news.

You might want to sit down for this one.

Some of our favourite Aussie TV shows are definitely probably not returning to our screens in 2018.

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So far the major TV networks have made no announcements about the following shows coming back in 2018 (deep breaths, people, deep breaths):

  • The Wrong Girl starring Jessica Marais
  • The Secret Daughter starring Jessica Mauboy (season two is currently airing on Seven)
  • The Biggest Loser: Transformed (erm, no real surprise here…)
  • Here Come The Habibs
  • Sisters (season one is currently airing on Network Ten)
  • House Husbands
  • Love Child (No!!)

And… wait for it… wait for it…



Yep, 2018 could be seriously lacking a Nina Proudman and a Lily Woodward.

We might also be losing two ~ extremely bloody popular ~ long-standing Aussie dramas in House Husbands and Love Child.

But here’s the good news – there’s a whole bunch of goddamn AH-MAZING Aussie shows being renewed in 2018. Plus, some great new shows being added to the line up.

To start with, Benjamin Law’s The Family Law is returning for a third and final season on SBS. Yep, that means a whole lot more Jenny Law in your life.


And something bloody wonderful has happened in reality TV land. Australia’s getting it’s very own versions of Love Island and Bachelor in Paradise next year.

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In case you missed it, Bachelor in Paradise is a spin-off of the USA’s Bachelor spin-off show (try saying that three times fast).

The premise of Bachelor In Paradise is simple – put a whole group of rejected Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants on a tropical island and watch the drama sparks of love fly.

Love Island is kind of the same thing but with randoms who haven’t already been on a reality TV show…. hopefully.

So we still have HEAPS to look forward to in 2018. But also, we’re going to bloody miss Nina Proudman.

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