Incredible video shows Aussie dad giving homeless girl money for a plane ticket home.

The incredible act of a Perth father-of-three has warmed hearts everywhere after he helped a young homeless girl struggling to get home to New Zealand to see her father.

After hearing the struggle of young homeless girl Jess, heartwarming video shows Daniel Roose giving the woman $350 so she could fly home to see her family in New Zealand.

Source: Facebook/Brothers&SistersPerth.

The random act of kindness came after he saw Jess begging on the side of the street.

Roose told PerthNow he was overcome with sympathy after he heard her story.

“I saw a poor little girl fighting so much in her life at such a young age,” he said.

“I felt sorry for her.”

Video of the father walking to the ATM to withdraw $350 for the young woman was uploaded to the Brothers & Sisters Perth Facebook page.

The page is a group organised by a brother and sister who wanted to encourage random acts of kindness in their community.

Homeless advocate Siham Carollisen who filmed the act told WAtoday the man had approached her as she was speaking to Jess.


"He asked why she was there, why we were with her and what we get out of it," she said.

"As Jess told him stories of the reality of living on the streets it was clear he was affected."

"He listened, and without another word, held out his hand and said 'Come with me, I'll sort you out.'"

Source: Facebook/Brothers&SistersPerth.

The video has been viewed over 34,000 times since it was uploaded three days ago.

Facebook users have praised Roose for the incredible generosity he offered a stranger in need.

"There are GOOD people in the world. He gave Jess a helping hand to try and get her life back," one user said.

Another user encouraged fans to try and find the man and return his generosity.

"Would love to know if this guy has a business or anything that we can support, what a lovely thing to do, I hope he gets it back tenfold," they said.

The video continues to gather support as users like, share and comment on the truly special moment.

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