News in 5: Incredible Aussie act of sportsmanship; Baby wipes linked to allergies; Royal baby signs.

1. The amazing Aussie act of sportsmanship at the 2018 Commonwealth Games the cameras almost missed.

It was the moment three Aussie runners showed the world the true meaning of sportsmanship: after finishing the gruelling 10,000m final, the trio stayed on the track until every other competitor had finished.

Celia Sullohern, Madeline Hills and Eloise Wellings – who finished sixth, eight and 16th, respectively – were the only competitors who waited for last-placed Lineo Chaka from the southern African country of Lesotho to cross the finish line a full five minutes after gold medal winner Stella Chesang from Uganda before leaving the track.

Watch: The incredible sportsmanship of three Aussie competitors on the running track.

Video via Channel 7

Chaka also finished three minutes after her nearest competitor in one of the most physically demanding events on the athletics’ schedule, 7 News reports.

The women clapped and cheered as Chaka ran towards the finish line, and embraced her in congratulations after her race.

Viewers watching the moment at home said the incredible show of sportsmanship made them “prouder than any gold medal”.

Commonwealth Games act of sportsmanship
Celia Sullohern, Madeline Hills and Eloise Wellings didn't leave the track until the final competitor had crossed the finish line. Image via Getty.

"This is what sport is all about, these three ladies have made me more proud to be an Aussie... Brilliant," one fan wrote on Twitter, while another simply added: "The Aussie spirit is strong."

"This is what Australian sport it all about. Well done girls!" said another.

"I personally don't give a stuff about #CommonwealthGames2018 and haven't watched a second of it but this is bloody cool," wrote another.

Celia Sullohern - who knocked 30 seconds off her personal best time during the race - described her two Aussie teammates as "classy athletes" after the incredible show of support post-race.


"I just love racing with those two girls," she said, according to

"I think that's the strength of Australian distance running particularly. We're there for each other and we're all out there having a go.

"It was lovely to stand there and show what I hope was a bit of Aussie sportsmanship."

It's not the first time an Aussie athlete has shown incredible sportsmanship during the Commonwealth Games: last week Claire Tallent was disqualified just two kilometres from the finish line while on track for the gold medal in the women's 20km walk.

Despite her disappointment, Claire made her way to the finish line to cheer on fellow Aussie Jemima Montag as she crossed and won gold for Australia.

2. 'Drunk' mum charged after she crashed her car and crawled out, leaving her three young children behind.

smart home called police during domestic violence
The woman has been charged with drink driving and her is now licence suspended. Image via Getty.

Police have charged a woman after she allegedly smashed her four-wheel drive while heavily intoxicated before crawling out - leaving her three young children in the vehicle.

The 37-year-old woman was driving a Toyota Landcruiser in Bonnet Bay when the vehicle crossed into the wrong lane and collided with a parked car about 8am on Monday, police said, according to AAP.

The vehicle crossed back to the correct side of the road and mounted the kerb before the woman was seen crawling out.

Three children, aged three, seven and nine, exited the vehicle on their own, according to witnesses.

Police arrived on the scene and gave the woman a breath test, which she allegedly failed before being arrested.

She was retested at a nearby police station where she allegedly returned a blood alcohol reading of 0.367.

She was charged with high range drink driving and had her licence suspended.


"This woman has endangered not only her own life, and the lives of other road users, but also the lives of her own three children with this incredibly irresponsible act," NSW Police Inspector Steve Worthington said.

The woman was granted conditional bail and is expected before court on May 3. Family and Community Services have been notified about the incident.

3. Experts may have found a link between baby wipes and food allergies.

baby wipes
Baby wipes have been linked to food allergies. Image via Getty.

The use of baby wipes and soaps may promote childhood food allergies by disrupting the natural protective barrier of the skin, US researchers say, AAP reports.

A study, published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, suggests a mix of environmental and genetic factors work together to trigger a food allergy.

These factors include the use of infant cleansing wipes that leave soap on the skin, skin exposure to household dust and food, and genetics that can alter skin absorbency.

"This is a recipe for developing food allergy," said the lead author of the study, Joan Cook-Mills, a professor of allergy-immunology at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

Parents of infants should limit the use of baby wipes and remember to wash their hands regularly, particularly after handling food, advised Prof Cook-Mills.

"They may not be eating food allergens as a newborn, but they are getting them on their skin. Say a sibling with peanut butter on her face kisses the baby. Or a parent is preparing food with peanuts and then handles the baby," said Prof Cook-Mills.

Food allergies - particularly allergies to peanuts and tree nuts - is a growing problem with no known cause.

In Australia, food allergy occurs in around one-in-20 children.


Allergic disease epidemiologist, Dr Adrian Lowe at the University of Melbourne says there is a growing body of evidence that shows the skin has an important role to play in the development of food allergy.

Dr Lowe says it makes sense that baby wipes may be part of the equation. Through disrupting the top skin layer - which is made of lipids (fats) - allergens have a better opportunity to enter the body, he explained.

"By cleaning our babies with soaps in the bathwater or wipes we may actually be helping that allergen ingress through the skin which helps induce the sensitisation and allergy," he said.

However he noted more studies on humans are required.

4. In one of the biggest upsets of the Games so far, Bronte Campbell has edged out sister Cate to take gold in the 100m freestyle.

Bronte Campbell wins the Women's 100m Freestyle Final on day five of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. Image via Getty.

Cate Campbell's pain has a sweet taste to it this time after little sister Bronte upstaged her to take gold in the 100m freestyle at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

Cate was seeking some sort of atonement for her Rio Olympic "choke" but had to settle for silver as Bronte hauled her in over the last 10 metres at the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre on Monday night.

"That was incredibly surprising. I don't know how that happened but I am glad it did," Bronte said.

Gracious Cate was at least content the gold went to the family, and Australia.

"I am so thrilled for Bronte to get a massive win in front of a home crowd. It is never easy being the second Campbell and she is number one now and I am thrilled for her," she said.

"It makes the pain of coming second just that little bit sweeter when the number one is next to a Campbell."

Their gold and silver continued Australia's command of the pool which was underlined again on Monday night with two more cleansweeps of medals, led by Mitch Larkin and Ariarne Titmus.


Larkin led an Australian 1-2-3 in the 200m backstroke to become the first swimmer to win all three finals in the stroke at one Commonwealth Games, adding to his earlier triumphs in the 50m and 100m events.

Titmus, 17, blitzed the field in the 800m to secure gold ahead of compatriots Jessica Ashwood and Kiah Mleverton.

Australian gymnasts peeked out from behind swimming's shadow on Monday with two gold medals, while the lawn bowlers won their first since 2006.

Eight gold on Monday takes Australia to a total of 39 to pull away at the top of the medal table after five days of competition from England which has 22.

5. There are even more signs that royal baby number three could arrive any day.

The preparations are well under way for the arrival of Kate Middleton and Prince William's third child, with the hospital where the 36-year-old is expected to give birth dropping more and more hints news of the baby's birth could come any day.

Media barriers and parking restrictions have popped up outside the hospital wing where the Duchess of Cambridge plans to give birth to her third child, causing a stir in the British press.

Middleton is expected to give birth at the Lindo Wing of St. Mary's hospital in Paddington, central London, in late April.

The parking signs say the area will remain closed from April 9 until April 30.

Despite the barriers being prepared, reporters, photographers and well-wishers are not expected to camp outside the hospital until the palace confirms Kate has been admitted.

After the baby's birth, it's expected Kate and Prince William will introduce their third child to the world on the steps of the Lindo Wing, as they did with Prince George and Princess Charlotte.


The third baby is also set to make history for the young Princess, who, for the first time in British royal history, will retain her succession order to the throne no matter if her baby sibling is a boy or a girl.

6. Good news: Thousands of chicken nuggets have been 'rescued' from a truck crash and served to people in need.

truck carrying chicken nuggets crashes in Melbourne
20 tonnes of McDonald's stock was strewn across the highway after the crash. Image via 9 News.

Thousands of chicken nuggets have been rescued from a truck crash in Melbourne and served to people in need, AAP reports.

About a million McDonald's chicken nuggets were damaged when a truck crashed on the Hume Highway last Thursday and while many had to be discarded, about 200,000 were able to be saved and donated to the Salvation Army.

The accident occurred around 11:20pm when the B-Double truck carrying the precious McDonald's cargo hit an unoccupied car stopped in an emergency stopping lane on the Hume Freeway, 9 News reports.

The truck veered across two lanes, before it struck the median strip wire rope barriers and flipped across the Freeway's northbound lanes. The truck driver and his dog managed to escape with only minor injuries.

While it was originally though the 20 tonnes of stock would have to be destroyed, after inspection, the nuggets were put into cold storage and have now been served at the charity's Melbourne meal centre for vulnerable people.

"It's amazing to see the impact of something as simple as chicken nuggets can have on people," Salvation Army Major Brendan Nottle told AAP on Monday.

"It's just been sensational."

There were enough chicken nuggets to last a number of weeks, he said.

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