Watch: The blooper reel from Auburn deputy mayor's viral wedding video.

But wait, there’s more!

Sensing the last dying embers of their 15 minutes of fame beginning to cool, Auburn deputy mayor Salim Mehajer and his wife Aysha have released a “blooper reel” from their infamous pre-wedding video.

That viral sensation secured the Mehajers a place among our most excruciating national embarrassments intriguing celebrities and some international headlines.

Their strangely immobile faces and unsettlingly white teeth, as well as their incomprehensible love story (again, why the gun?!) fascinated us all.

It’s no surprise the tale of their inception made little sense – it, just like their cheekbones, is fake. Neither attended Sydney uni and presumably no one had to die so the couple could be together. We hope.

This plot point still bugs me.

This new video tells us very little we didn’t know, except that they are even poorer actors than previously thought.

It took them about 20 takes to accidentally run into each other at their alma mater, Sydney University. They also fluffed the proposal and also dancing.

Unfortunately, it seems the starry-eyed couple have caught the acting bug from their forays in front of the camera.

Coming to a cinema near you. Via True Dreams Media.

“We’re working on making more videos, we definitely want to keep it going,” director Manuel Abdo from True Dreams Media told Daily Mail Australia.

I guess he knows a cash cow when he sees one.