Attention: The Real Housewives of Sydney have been announced.

Sydney, you’re about to get your moment in the reality TV spotlight.

Yep, the Real Housewives of Sydney are here and WE KNOW THEIR NAMES.

Sorry, Jackie Gillies, Gina Liano and Janet Roach, we still love you, but we are very, very excited about these Aussie women.


Before we continue, a reminder to stay calm.

Take some deep breaths. OK, let’s do this. Let’s go meet our girls.

We talk Real Housewives on the latest episode of The Binge:

Athena X Levendi

Image via Facebook.

Athena describes herself as "spiritual, eccentric and attractive". Basically, she's total Real Housewives bait. She is married to an Australian Greek jewellery designer, who runs Levendi Jewellers, so get ready to see a helluva lot of diamonds. She lives in a fancy pants Bellevue Hill house because #rich.

Krissy Marsh

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Krissy is the "quintessential" Aussie girl. Except richer, duh. She's originally from Brisbane, but this is the Real Housewives of SYDNEY, so we can only talk about SYDNEY THINGS and we will never again mention her Sunshine State heritage. Her hubby lives in Shanghai, but she lives in Double Bay with their three children.

Lisa Oldfield

Image via Instagram.

Side note: There may or may not have been squeals of delight when it was revealed Lisa would be appearing on the Sydney version of the franchise. Married to former politician David Oldfield, Lisa is a "a media commentator, seasoned world traveller, astute business woman and savvy tech guru". Perfect Housewives talent.


Matty Samaei

Image via Facebook.

Glamorous Matty is the owner of The Medispa by Matty located in Sydney's prestigious Double Bay. According to Arena TV, her favourite activities include "shopping, travel and socialising". SHE'S JUST LIKE US.

Melissa Tkautz

Image via Instagram.

You may remember Melissa from her role as Nikki Spencer on E Street, or from her hit singles Read My Lips and Sexy (Is The Word). She's kind of a big deal in Aussie soap opera and pop music history. And now she's about to make Houeswives history.

Nicole O'Neil

Image via Instagram.

Oh yes, you better believe there's a former beauty queen in the mix! Nicole was crowned Miss Australia back in 2002. In the years that followed, she's been busy with her events planning and production company Prêt-a-Party.

Victoria Rees

Image via Instagram.

Just before joining the cast, Victoria found herself single for the first time in her life. She's previously worked as an interior decorator, and is the inventor of a beauty product called 'Wrinkles Schminkles'.

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No word yet on when the ladies will be hitting our TV screens, but you better believe we'll be keeping you updated.

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