The 7 emotional stages of doing your nails.

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If there is one beauty routine that I am besotted with, it is looking after my nails. Nails are always one of the first things I notice on other people, and they can be an easy way of having some fun with your individual style.

But going to the salon is kinda expensive – and time consuming. So I swore to myself this year that I would save my salon pennies and paint my nails at home.

So, on that note, I bring to you the seven emotional stages of doing your nails. Don’t deny it – I know you’ve felt them before too.

1. The smugness of not attending the salon.

I don’t need to spend money on going to salon. Why would I pay $20 when I can do it myself at home? I have five separate shades of red. I don’t need a salon.

I got this.

2. The patience of the filing.

The going back and forth over the nail – it feels a little like scratching your nails down a chalk board but you will prevail.

One direction… go in one direction. Annnnnd then, all patience is gone out the window.

Why not get out electronic nail file (so futuristic)? Scholl’s latest one is my weapon of choice, the Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System. Specific I know, but I really can’t recommend it more. Just swish over the nail, in one direction. It is simple, and there are no icky, sandpapery, broken nail problems. And then I buff and shine, with the separate nail care heads that are included with the file.

And there they are - super shiny and healthy-looking with about a tenth of the effort that filing normally takes up.



3. The struggle to nail two thin coats.

Two thin coats. Two thin coats. How? How do people do the two thin coats? HOW DO THE WOMEN IN THE SALON DO THIS?

OK, one thick coat. Looks great. Who needs two thin coats anyway?

4. The elation after the first fingernail is complete with your dominant hand.

Nailed it. Smooth, shiny perfection. I’ve got this.

5. Getting too confident.

“Annnnd I’ll just quickly touch this thing over here.”

Why? Why? Why did I touch the thing over there? Every. Time. Every damn time.

6. The pain, the turmoil and the eventual resignation of touching the thing over there.

Get out the nail polish remover and start again. Clean slate. This time I’ll be patient, right?

And apply two thin-ish coats. Apparently they dry faster and therefore don’t smudge as much and don’t bubble. Who knew?

7. The waiting.

And the waiting. And more waiting.

Don’t touch that thing over there... don’t do it.

*Repeat steps 4-5*

Then, apply a nail care oil.

I recommend Scholl Velvet Smooth Nail Care Oil, as it moisturises my nails and is really nourishing. Nail oils also give me the look of walking fresh out of the salon – win, win.

Nailed it.

What's your nail care routine?

While we're at it, how about attempting some of these?