Just 7 budget-friendly beauty treatments you can do while you're in isolation at home.

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In these uncertain times, beauty is something enjoyable that helps distract me from the current state of the world.

Investing time and energy in myself makes me feel good physically and mentally, which I’ve found has been the key to not falling into a working from home rut. It’s also just really, really fun – popping on a face mask and washing my hair provide pockets of joy in my days and make me feel a little more confident, even if I’m just at home.

At-home beauty treatments don’t need to be expensive. Honestly, you’ve probably got most of what you’d need collecting dust in the back of your bathroom cabinet. And if you don’t, you can find excellent, budget-friendly beauty products to give yourself some isolation pampering at your local supermarket or chemist.

Keep scrolling for seven at-home beauty treatments I’ve been loving in the comfort and confines of isolation. Because, as some wise person once said, treat yourself.

1. Sheet masks.

at home beauty
Sheet masks are great for giving your loved ones a fright. Image: Supplied/Amy Clark.

Now is an excellent time to focus on your skin, which is particularly helpful if your skin isn't enjoying quarantine (anyone else got isolation skin?).

Sheet masks are brilliant because they're hydrating, harmless, budget-friendly and just really fun to pop on before FaceTiming to scare your loved ones, or while watching telly. Under eye masks also look super chic on Instagram.

You don't need to spend a lot of money to get a quality sheet mask. Avoid any that have too many ingredients or say they do fandangled things. Your skin will love most hydrating sheet masks and under eye patches. My favourite affordable masks are any from Innisfree (you can buy them online from $3 each) and Skin Republic, which you can get at the supermarket.

2. At-home teeth whitening.

at home beauty
How chic is this packaging?! Image: Supplied.

If you're keen to try at-home teeth whitening for some extra confidence, why not do it while you snooze?

The Colgate Optic White Overnight Treatment Pen ($34.99) is a quick, foolproof teeth whitening product you can find at the supermarket or chemist. The packaging is pretty luxe, too.

Formulated with enamel-safe Hydrogen Peroxide - the whitening ingredient dentists use - the pen starts working from day one and gives visibly whiter teeth in a week, and up to three shades whiter in two weeks so you can blind your colleagues on Zoom video calls.

To give it a go, click the pen until a small drop appears on the brush. Swipe a thin layer of product onto each tooth after you've brushed your teeth, just before bed. Let it dry (don't rinse), fall asleep and brush your teeth as normal in the morning.

3. Hair treatments.

at home beauty
Beauty treatments that work while you snooze for the win! Image: Supplied/Amy Clark.

My poor hair is stoked it's no longer being straightened and heat-styled every morning now the only person who sees me is... me... when I catch sight of myself in work video meetings.


If you put your hair through a lot of colouring and styling in your old life, aka 2019, adding a hair treatment into your weekly routine can make it feel instantly healthier.

While no product can repair crunchy split ends (only trimming can do that - here's how if you're keen to try it at home), there are a tonne of affordable hair masks and oils that will hydrate and nourish your hair to almost fool it into thinking you just had an in-salon treatment.

Replace your conditioner with a hair mask once a week, or sleep in one overnight, and douse your ends in hair oil before drying. The Sephora Collection Hair Sleeping Mask ($7) is one of many good options.

4. DIY at-home facials.

at home beauty
Gua sha tools sculpt your face but you can do the same thing with your knuckles, too. Image: Supplied/Amy Clark.

Got nothing to do one night? Set aside 30 minutes and give yourself a DIY facial. To do this, you'll need:

  • A facial cleanser(s) - the fancy way is to start with an oil cleanser and double cleanse with a milk or cream cleanser.
  • A chemical exfoliant - any product with AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) like Lactic Acid or Glycolic Acid will eat away all the dead skin cells that make your skin look dull. The pre-soaked NIP+FAB Glycolic Pads (60 pads for $34.99) you can get at the chemist are excellent.
  • A serum/hydrating sheet mask - use whatever you already have at home.
  • A face oil - this step creates a slippery canvas for the next step, you can pick up an affordable face oil from the chemist or use quality coconut oil or olive oil from the cupboard.
  • A facial massage tool (your hands count) - use a gua sha tool, face roller or fingers/knuckles to massage your face in upward strokes.
  • A moisturiser - lock in all your hard work with your regular moisturiser.

5. In-shower body scrubs.

Those working from home wearing trackies and activewear might find the skin on their body is more easily irritated or textured than usual.

The easiest way to keep your body skin smooth is doing a scrub in the shower. You can do this manually with a dry body brush or a pair of supermarket exfoliating gloves, or with a body scrub product. Don't forget to moisturise afterwards - now we're not commuting, you can do this in the morning without the risk of turning into a Slip n' Slide.

6. Eyelash tinting.

at home beauty
BEFORE lash tinting. Image: Supplied/Amy Clark.
at home beauty
AFTER! I have eyes! Image: Supplied/Amy Clark.

Sadly, isolation and professional lash tinting and lash extensions don't mix. But trust me, at-home eyelash tinting is way easier than you think.

All you need is a lash and brow tinting kit (the $19.99 1000 Hour Eyelash & Brow Dye Kit works well and lasts forever), some Vaseline or barrier cream and a spare 20 minutes for epic results. For a step-by-step guide, check out my eyelash tinting tutorial here.

You can also tint your eyebrows at home if you're game, but read my full eyebrow tinting and shaping how-to guide first, yeah?

7. Give yourself a manicure.

If I had to guess, I'd say most of our nails aren't looking so hot right now.

Whether you've tried removing your SNS nails or shellac manicure at home or have bitten your nails down to nothing, give them some nourishment with a nail strengthener and cuticle oil.

Do you have any great beauty treatment recommendations that help you rock your day at home? Tell us about them in the comments below.

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