From outer space to cyberspace: These astronaut selfies are out of this world.

All your questions about how astronauts play ping pong, get a haircut and drink their morning coffee are answered by these amazing selfies from outer space.

Good news Earthlings, if worst comes to worst and we all have to evacuate the earth social media could well endure. Fewf.

If these astronaut selfies are anything to go by we could all be sending snaps from space one day. Check out this guy, just hanging out at International Space Station taking photos of his dinner. Because, SPACE.

Astro Butch takes a selfie of his Thanksgiving meal. Image via @ISS Instagram

Space agencies are often ahead of the game when it comes to innovation and technology, so it’s no huge surprise the space station has access to the world wide web and astronauts are communicating via Twitter, Instagram and Vine.

The astronauts are upping the selfie game too. Way upping. Like, selfie game just went galactic. And they’re captivating us here on earth with videos of their escapades in the cosmos.

Seriously, who doesn’t want to know what it’s like to play ping pong with zero gravity?

  Or how astronauts have their morning coffee?

Or how you get a hair cut on board a space ship? And might we say, Astro Terry could probably take up hair-dressing if this whole space thing doesn’t work out.

The unique images of the astronauts’ lives aboard the International Space Station aren’t all that’s getting people’s attention. Even if you’re not a space geek, it’s hard not to find the photos and videos of the earth and other planets pretty incredible — and absolutely mesmerising.

Check out some more images coming directly from space (post continues after gallery):

If space is your thing, then there’s even more to get excited about — the International Space Station have even created their own game you can play.

It’s called Spot the Station and astronomers and space lovers all over the world have been getting involved by sharing their own images of the space station as it passes over their part of the sky.

Spot the Station. Image via @space_station Twitter

It’s all pretty out of this world! (Sorry, couldn’t help myself).