Meet the *sshole parents of Instagram. They're hilarious.

Parents can be such assholes.

Whether you have one or just remember being one, I think we can all agree that kids are annoying most some of the time.

They cry, they complain — they’re fucking needy too — and sometimes no matter how hard you try you just can’t make them happy.

Kids, amirite? What you say and what your toddler hears.

When I was a kid I used to burst into tears each time I bit into a biscuit and it broke. I couldn’t eat it any more because it wasn’t perfect. ANNOYING.

Thankfully, for any despairing parents out there, solidarity can now be found on your smart phone. (Too late for my poor mum and dad).

Welcome to the Instagram hashtag #assholeparents. The place parents can go to share with one another just what assholes they are.

For eg. this little boy’s poor mum forgot to cut his sandwich in half. What an a-hole.

This happy little fellow is on his way to pick up a puppy. Parents suck.

I took him on a car ride to get a new puppy, so I’m an #assholeparent

A photo posted by @amandajune10 on


This little boy just dropped his lolly pop and his mum picked it up. Like an asshole.

I picked his lollipop up off the floor and gave it back to him, so that makes me an #assholeparent @assholeparents A photo posted by Kelly Milligan (@themommyathome) on

She just wanted to test out the strength of the curtain rod. On mum’s head.

She hit me in the head with a curtain rod and I took it away so I’m an #assholeparent

A photo posted by Lauren (@mamalalar) on


Nice try, asshole.

Downloaded a game for him, it was the wrong game. I’m an asshole #assholeparent #toddlerlife A photo posted by Sian (@averyvintageaffair) on

By the way, Mamamia has birthed a parenting podcast. Hosted by Andrew Daddo and Holly Wainwright, it’s the place to talk about parenthood as it really is: Exciting, overwhelming, delightful, disastrous and often very messy:

Or you can download it on iTunes, Download the audio file, Get the RSS feed. Open it in a new window.

How could you??!

I told her that eating the dirty diaper in the trash wasn’t food so I’m and #assholeparent

A photo posted by 怖い猫。 (@okaasan_yani) on


Someone in this photo is sure being a princess..

Buying aubrey a bunch of toys and that’s the look I get #assholeparent A photo posted by Kristina (@oookristina) on

Third time is a charm though, right?

She didn’t like birthday cake #2! #assholeparent

A photo posted by Rachel (@rachelsaccenti) on



The kid just wants to dance, you asshole.

I wouldn’t let him run down the bowling lanes or practice the worm….SO…#assholeparent @assholeparents

A photo posted by Melissa (@melissagspence) on


I actually get this feel.

I won’t let her watch Netflix on my phone at 1am so I’m an asshole #assholeparent A photo posted by Mel (@melaniedegraw) on

Kids are ridiculous, remind me not to have any. (Just kidding. They are cute and hilarious.) You can check out the rest of the pictures here.

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