Say goodbye to your money: ASOS has just dropped a homewares collection.

If you’ve just Marie Kondoed the sh*t out of your house like the rest of the Netflix-watching world, you probably have a bunch of newfound space for more stuff.

Stuff like plant stands and trinket dishes and bamboo bowls and throw rugs and other fun things to brighten up your living space/make more clutter.

Yeah, we get that’s not really the point of Marie Kondo’s method, but we do know one thing: the newly-available ASOS SUPPLY homewares range certainly brings us joy.


The glam yet budget-friendly (yippee!) range just dropped on the site and we want all the things.

Because if we’re going to spend more time in our homes away from the outside world than we care to admit, we want it to look like a magazine edit, dammit.

The range straddles all the hip homewares trends we’ve been perving on via Pinterest – Scandi-chic kitchenwares, modern minimalist bathroom bits, eclectic-boho, eye-catching retro, luxe patterns and chintzy ’70s gold knick-knacks.

A lot of it is eco-friendly, using recycled products, too.

Here’s what’s caught our… eye (you’ll get that in a second).

Eye-shaped mirror

See, told you it’d make sense eventually.

This striking bamboo mirror will add an intriguing statement to your bedroom wall if you’re looking for a little bit of a refresh.

Plus it’s a mirror, and we can never have too many of those.

It’s $36, and looks super easy to hang.

Consider it on our wish list.

Cop an eyeful of this bad boy. Image: ASOS.

Shell trinket dish

We're a sucker for all things gold.

This cute little dish is certainly no exception, and looks the perfect addition to liven up our bedside table with a bit of vintage flair, for just $24.

Trinkets, welcome to your new home.

It's granny-cool and we want it now. Image: ASOS.

Animal print quilt cover

Make being alone in your bedroom on a Friday night feel like a jungle getaway with these striking printed sheets.

They're a little '70s, and we can't get enough of them.

Plus, at $70 for the double quilt and pillow covers, you can't go wrong.

The perfect print for the daring homemakers among us. Image: ASOS.

Gold-handled serving set

Release your inner extra self at your next dinner party with this sleek two-tone serving set, available for $32.

Nigella would approve (probably).

If only our cooking skills were as sophisticated... Image: ASOS.

Bamboo plant stand

Breathe a little Japanese minimalism into your bathroom (or wherever, really) with this plant stand. We can't give you much advice on how to look after whatever plant you choose to put inside it because all of ours die despite our love and devotion, but it's very chic and cool and only $28.

Hey, the plant you put in it doesn't even have to be real. Image: ASOS.

Gold elephant hook

Look, we don't really know what we'd use this for, but it's glam, and we want it anyway. It's also $20, so why not?

Did we mention we're obsessed with gold? Image: ASOS.

Pom pom bath mat

Chuck out your current soggy bath mat and treat your feet to this quirky bath mat for $32.

Not only will it add a fun twist to your floor, it's black, so won't ever look dirty. Win-win.

Your freshly-showered toes will thank you. Image: ASOS.

Woven throw rug

Very Scandi-quirky-cool, it'll make you feel less... well, gross, when you're dying on the couch on a Sunday.

It's $64, and is part of the new Eco Edit range, made from cotton sourced through the Better Cotton Initiative, which improves cotton farming globally.

It'd be rude not to... Image: ASOS.

Monochrome bath towel

Monochrome minimalism at its finest, you can give your towel-game an uplift for $32.

The design is also part of the Eco Edit, so you know it's both soft and sustainably sourced. Score.

We want you in our lives, pls. Image: ASOS.

There's obviously a ton of other very cool stuff for you to check out on the website, but we've had to force ourselves to stop looking at it because we're afraid we'll accidentally buy it all.

Happy shopping, y'all.

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