The two most bought dresses on The Iconic and ASOS in 2017 prove we're lace obsessed.

In 2017, you did A LOT of shopping. That’s not an accusation, just a fact. Don’t worry, no judgement. We did too.

But out of the thousands of amazing dresses on the internet, there was one particular style we all liked the best.

According to two of Australia’s most loved online retailers, this year we were – and still are, mind you – truly obsessed with lace.

Over on The ICONIC (you’re familiar with The ICONIC, yeah?), the best selling dress in 2017 was this one, the Daphne Lace Dress from their house brand, Atmos&Here.

The midi length dress came – we say ‘came’ because sadly the $89.95 item sold out – in ‘spicy orange’, and featured a low neckline with sheer detailing on the bottom. (See gallery below…)


And by no coincidence, the folks at ASOS told us a lovely lace dress, the ASOS PREMIUM Occasion Lace Midi Dress also topped their best seller list.

This cinched A-line style is still available online in a dusty pink and could be yours for $168. (See gallery below…)


So yes, we LOVED lace. But these results also show just how much we’re gravitating towards these online stores’ in-house brands.

“We’re constantly analysing on a daily and weekly basis what our customers are buying (and asking for). Coupled with the talents of our amazing buying team who can spot upcoming trends from a mile away, we’re then able to offer our customers the latest products and styles which we know they’ll love,” Mareile Osthus, the ICONIC’s chief category management officer told Mamamia of why Atmos&Here was the site’s most popular brand in 2017.


“We also operate on super short lead times for Atmos&Here, so if our customers are loving a particular product or styles, we’re able to turnaround repeat or similar items incredibly fast. We’re also able to test products and styles with our customers to see if they like it – if they do, we’re able to again turnaround quickly and have it on site ready for purchase.”

As for the shoes to go with the laces dresses, Australians bought more styles from budget-friendly brand SPURR on The ICONIC than any other.

In particular, we loved the Torquay Sandals ($24.95), the Sienna Loafer Mules ($49.95), and the Amelia Block Heels ($39.95). Check ’em out below…

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On ASOS, the brands were more varied, but the flat loafer style also made the top five best sellers list, along with leather brogues and pointed closed-toe heels.

Did you buy any of these items? Why do you think we all loved them so much?