Fleeing at 2am and a body in a creek: What we know about Aslan King's mysterious death.

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After a four-day search, police have found the body of British tourist, Aslan King, in a creek near Victoria’s Great Ocean Road.

The 25-year-old backpacker was last seen at 2am on Saturday, during a camping trip with four friends at Old Coach Road at Princetown, before he disappeared into bushland. Prior to vanishing, King reportedly suffered a seizure which caused him to hit his head.

The illustrator had only been in Australia for two weeks prior to this incident, and had plans on relocating from Brighton, on England’s South Coast.

A body in a creek.

King’s body was discovered at about 10.15am on Tuesday at Princetown near the Twelve Apostles, about a kilometre from his Victorian campsite.

It took police hours to formally identify the body as King’s, with help from his friends.

Speaking to media, Sergeant Danny Brown expressed his condolences to King’s family and friends.

“A mother and father have lost a son, friends have lost a friend and it is not the result we were hoping for but it is a result all the same and it is closure and I think closure is really important,” he said.

“They have suffered a trauma as well by losing their friend in the beginning and the worry that goes with that.

“And now to have two friends formally identify one of their own, one of their good close friends and they have been friends for a lot of years, is traumatic on its own.”


A suspected seizure.

According to his friends, King was at a campsite when he ‘fell back on his chair,’ and had what police described as a “medical episode”.

“That’s the information we had at the very beginning, that he had fallen back on his chair, he had some sort of medical episode, going stiff and having some sort of seizure type thing and with that he has come to, jumped up and just taken off,” said Sgt Brown.

From the beginning of the search authorities were clear that they didn’t suspect “foul play”, however police did consider the possibility that King had hitch-hiked back to Melbourne, reports 9News.

A large-scale police search.

Over the last four days, the search for King has included the likes of a police helicopter, horses, off-road motorcycles and ground search crews. The search was made even more difficult due to the thick vegetation, clifftops and deep waters in the coastal areas, which also possesses a large population of venomous tiger snakes.

“We threw absolutely everything at this search,” said Sgt Brown, expressing his disappointment over their result.


“It’s just a tragic outcome.”

Prior to his formal identification, King’s friends shared social media posts in support of the emergency search and rescue mission.

“Never in a million years did I think I’d ever, ever be this person but my very dear friend Aslan is missing,” wrote one friend on Facebook.

“Any Aussie connections on here please share in the hope he is found safe. He is supposed to be joining us at my wedding in Bali.”

“Please if anyone knows of or has seen, passed by, heard from our dear friend Asi, please get in touch ASAP,” shared another.

“He is a really special guy and a solid pal to many of us. We all just want our boy back safe and sound. One love.”

The Mayor of the Corangamite Shire, Neil Trotte, has also spoken to media in light of the tragic event, adding that King’s friends will be supported by the Princetown community.

“The whole community sends their condolences to his family and his friends, especially those that were travelling with him,” he said.

“Of course his family are in England so it’s going to be devastating news for them as well.

“It’s just a tragic outcome… his friends were traumatised because they couldn’t find him, it’s a really sad situation.”