Open Post: Ask Mia a question.

“Go for it! I’m all ears.”

I have a lot of questions about a lot of things. I think this is because I am:

(a) female
(b) nosey
(c) insatiably starving for information about all things and all people.

I know that other people have some questions about me though, and even though I’m on all forms of social media, for time and sanity reasons, I tend not to read all the comments on things I post.

Mia, in one of her “ridiculous” outfits.

I realise that’s annoying for people who have genuine questions – about how things work at Mamamia Women’s Network, about where I get my ridiculous clothes, about my views on various things, about how Stephen Hawking plans to locate extra terrestrials.


So I’m going to start answering a few questions from anyone who wants to ask them, each week in a video post. I just need some questions to answer.

Back in the early days – Mia used to do an Ask Mia series, which she’s been persuaded to bring back:

Or else I will be forced to be all Kevin Rudd and ask myself questions and then answer them. Which I could totally do.

But I think it would be more fun if you asked me the questions and I answered them.

So please leave a question below with the hashtag #askmia. You can do the same thing on Twitter anytime. It’s important for me to be able to talk honestly and authentically and without having to wear TV makeup which I really hate.

So go for it! I’m all ears.

Post your question for Mia below with the hashtag #askmia – and she will answer them via video.

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