How "asking for Angela" is helping women escape unsafe dates.

The campaign “Ask for Angela” was only ever intended for a small council in the UK, but after being shared online its message is being spread around the world.

The Lincolnshire county council launched its #NoMore campaign — encompassing the brilliant Ask For Angela initiative — to begin a fundamental “culture change” in the area.

The idea promptly went viral when posted by a Twitter user who saw this poster on the back of a toilet door:

Essentially, if a patron at the venue was feeling like something wasn’t right in a situation, or that it could become dangerous, they can simply walk up to the bar and “ask for Angela”.

In return, the staff will help find them a way to leave as soon and as discreetly, as possible. Brilliant.

Hayley Child was the mastermind behind the campaign, but never expected it to make international headlines.

“It [#NoMore] aims to promote a culture change in relation to sexual violence and abuse,” she told Buzzfeed, “to promote services in the country and to empower victims to make a decision on whether to report to the police or Crimestoppers.”

People have widely praised the campaign, acknowledging that while women shouldn’t be placed in the unsafe circumstances in the first place, it is taking active steps to help them out.

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