Ask Bossy: "Should I just hurry up and have kids?"

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Before Kate de Brito was the editor of Mamamia, she went by another name.


Her agony aunt column, Ask Bossy, ran across the interwebs and developed a fanatical cult following. It was searingly honest advice to some of life’s most shocking, funny, and sticky dilemmas. She was an agony aunt like no other; brutal and brilliant.

I remember seeing her once in a newsroom, having slavishly read all of her columns, and hiding behind a pillar so I wouldn’t cross her path. She’s a woman with a rare combination of skills: considered, but direct. She possesses both kindness, and zero bullshittery.

Kate de Brito feature

Now that she’s my boss IRL and she’s joined the Mamamia Out Loud podcast, it’s all I can do not to rush her with all my life’s questions. I’m so desperate to ask her advice on everything that at one point I considered making a fake gmail account ([email protected], probs) with a list of things I need to solve.


But, alas, I have to maintain the cool facade of a professional who’s on-top-of-her-shit.

You, however, do not.

Because she has brought Ask Bossy to Mamamia OutLoud, and you can hear it, here:

Emails have started trickling into podcast headquarters. Asking…’perhaps….can I ask Bossy?’ ‘Would Bossy mind answering….’? Slowly, the domestic dilemmas are pouring forth, slowly, tentatively, those sticky situations are revealing themselves.

Can she answer?

Yes, she can. She’s practically the Obama of our life. Yes. She can.

The inaugural question is via Jessica, who emailed us asking: when is the best time to have kids?

I am 28 and been happily married for a few years. I love kids and can’t wait to be a parent one day, some days I think I want that day to come very soon, and I know when it does that I will truly love it. But other times I think I absolutely love my life how it is and that I’m not ready for it to be turned on it’s head just yet. How do you decide when it is the right time? 

Bossy says….

Really? Jessica? I don’t think you do ever know, and that’s the truth. It’s one of the best experiences you’ll ever have in your life, otherwise people wouldn’t do it.

And then, Bossy gives it to Jessica. Including something about a wet fish, and not being able to hand kids back. You need to listen for the full effect – and to hear Mia Freedman weighing in.

So we’ve greased those Agony Aunt wheels. We’re rolling her out. And she’s cracking her knuckles and getting ready to Boss your life, in the best way possible.

While we’re at it? What’s it like to be pregnant? We ask women who have been there….

You can listen to the full episode of Outloud, which includes Mia Freedman talking about an unfortunate bikini line laser incident, and a full breakdown of this week’s Sam Armytage drama, here :

Find it on iTunes here.

Do you have a question for Bossy? Ask us in the comments, below, or email: [email protected]

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