Fitness queen Ashy Bines says haters are "feeling guilty" for not keeping fit after pregnancy.

Fitness guru Ashy Bines has spoken out about how she handles the haters ahead of a television report that looks into mums and weight-loss.

The public figure will appear on Sunday Night’s report ‘Yummy Mummies’ on Channel 7, which looks into women’s relationship with their bodies during and after pregnancy.

Ashy can be seen in the promotional clip saying, “Maybe some mums are feeling guilty for not being active or not eating healthy.”

“People always have to find someone to blame instead of taking responsibility,” she also said.

The weight-loss advocate hits back at her haters, with a second clip showing the 27-year-old at home with her family.

Your no good to anyone unless you take time to look after yourself . I pour a lot of energy out every day so looking after myself is essential ???? being a mum and being the best mum I can be means making sure my state / energy and emotions are kept calm and real – no blocking anything , working through everything I feel and go through – the ups and downs – seeking help when I need it, speaking up instead of trying to be super women and allowing myself to cry if I need to also. . Just finished a session with Greg and Steph from @ausacu wand seriously if your on the GC and struggle with skin or hormone issues they are you go to !!! . I announced on snaochat this morning we released another 1000 tickets for Sydney this weekend and all but 87 have been booked up within 24 hours !!!!! . VIP was sold out with the first release but if your still wanting to come it’s not too late – click the link in my profile then click BOOTY TOUR!!! Melb you can also grab general admission tickets ???? . Sydney SEE YOU SOON! . Photo taken on Friday – RAW straight from the camera #ashybinesraw . Snapchat : ashybines1

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“There’s always going to people that don’t connect with you and don’t love what you do and that’s just part of the game unfortunately,” she says.


The Queensland mum-of-one, who this year shared on Instagram her weight-loss efforts four months after giving birth to baby Taj, says she has tried to persuade those that dislike her to give her a chance.

“I’ve reached out to so many trolls or haters – if you have such a big problem with me, if you think I’m such a nasty person, you haven’t met me,” she says.

“Come and meet me. Spend five minutes with me and you can see that I’m not who you think I might be – and they won’t. They never will.”

Ashy also has advice for her critics: “You can choose who you follow on social media. If you’re following someone that doesn’t make you feel good or you don’t like their message, click unfollow.”

Her full interview airs on Sunday Night at 8pm.