Ashy Bines says fit shaming is the new fat shaming.

Gold Coast fitness phenomenon Ashy Bines is not stranger to criticism. With her cult-like popularity has come bitter backlash from people who believe she promotes unhealthy body image.

Now, Bines has revealed that the hate reached its vitriolic peak during one of the happiest times of her life: her pregnancy.

Speaking on Channel 7’s Sunday Night programme, the mother of one said the criticism of her taut stomach was among the most vile she’s ever received.

“I had one comment which really hurt which said I didn’t deserve to be a mother because I was killing him because my baby was small, my belly was small,” she said on Sunday Night.

“The other one said they hope that he has Down Syndrome, another one says they hope I have a still-birth because I don’t deserve to have him.”

Bines openly offers to meet with her social media trolls, but says they never take her up on the opportunity. They remain complete strangers, but the 27-year-old believes she knows what motivates their hatred.

“Maybe some mums are feeling guilty for not being active or not eating healthy,” said Bines.

“People always have to find someone to blame instead of taking responsibility.”

Bines' son Taj was born on October 4 2015, weighing 3.7kg, and the before and after process was documented closely on her various (and enormously) popular social media accounts.

It was a move that attracted yet more backlash. But the Bines felt it was a necessary step to silence her critics and demonstrate how much work it takes to maintain her famously toned body.

"I felt like there was a lot of pressure from women saying, 'You've always been thin, it is going to be so easy for you to bounce back'," she told Sunday Night.


"Just because I am in the fitness industry or just because I am healthy doesn't mean that it is automatically magic."

Beyond aesthetics, Bines insists looking after herself was just as important as looking after her new baby.

"I am a better mum when I am active, a better mum when I start my day with a walk because I am out in the fresh air," she said. "I have got those endorphins and I feel good and he feels that."