"I'm a better mum when I'm active." Ashy Bines defends new mothers who want to lose weight.

Ashy Bines’ Bikini Body Challenge has been described as ‘dangerous’ by some healthcare professionals, especially when it comes to young mothers determined to shed their “baby weight”.

Her Instagram account, featuring thousands of images of her lean body in crop tops and shorts, has been criticised as promoting unrealistic body image to young women and new mothers alike.

But on tonight’s episode of Sunday Night, Bines defends her “Boot Camp”, saying it’s important to give women the opportunity to be their best selves.

“I get hundreds of messages on Instagram, with girls saying, ‘I hate my body’, or ‘I’m pudgy here’ or ‘I’m sick of looking in the mirror’, or ‘I don’t want to be naked in front of my partner,'” she tells Melissa Doyle.

“All of those comments break my heart, that’s why I do what I do. Every single day.”

Throughout her pregnancy, Ashy made it clear she wasn’t letting her bikini body go. She gave tips for exercising while pregnant, aiming to keep trim and taut while her son Taj grew.

Her followers described her as an “inspiration”. Her more cruel critics said she “didn’t deserve to be a mother

It’s clear Bines is a divisive figure, but she’s not letting naysayers deter her from approaching parenthood in her own way.


“I’m a better mum when I’m active. I’ve a better mum when I start my day with a walk,” says Bines of her controversial approach.

“I feel good, and [my son] feels that.”

Talk about taking away from a happy moment / photo. . Women behind their phones are now accusing me of not eating, not feeding my baby, using weight loss tablets to get back in shape ???? and so many other stupid accusations. It’s disgusting behaviour from grown women even fellow mums! . ALSO girls asking ” what my secret is?” There is NO secret! I documented my pregnancy every week with you all ups downs what I was doing etc – a new bump photo that was taken every week in my lounge room & is NEVER edited – completely raw you can still see all my bumps and lumps even my moles and freakles. . I spoke about my my struggles but also what I ate. I tried to be as healthy as I could , I drank MIN 3L of water per day also , green veggie juice & walked Every day + trained up untill 35 weeks pregnant. . It’s disgusting for any of you to say such horrid comments about my body – I’ve carried a beautiful baby boy who is perfectly healthy&happy! . I gained 14.5 Kilos in my pregnancy & of course I lost some of that the last three weeks, 8.1 pounds baby, fluid, blood, placenta etc & I haven’t put one bit of unhealthy food in my body since birth. It’s ALL natural healthy foods with loads of water, rest and LOVE. I’m also breast feeding but I am eating more than enough and have a healthy milk supply. . So girls get off your high horses thinking you know what’s happening with my body or what I’m doing and please quit telling me what I’m doing is right or wrong. I’ve only ever been so raw open and honest with you all &never take short cuts to health/happiness. There is no shortcuts. . Is it really that hard to believe some girls can not be overweight after having a baby? Is that the ” normal” these days? Why can’t it be celebrated when someone has looked after their body & isn’t overweight and unhealthy? If I was overweight after Taj would you all be then accusing me of abusing my child with unhealthy food and being a bad role model or would you be congratulating me for being overweight?! No matter what I do or did there’d be someone saying it’s wrong. . Let’s uplift/ support/ encourage each other . NO MORE HATE. Unfollow if you don’t like me or what im about SIMPLE . RANTOVER!

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To be fair, the takeaway message Bines has for girls worrying about the shape of their bodies seems appropriate: to “accept that you’re not going to look like someone else,” in her words.

But when she’s disseminating photos of her own body that border on perfection, many believe it’s a hard sell.

Bines’ response?

“You can choose who you follow on social media. If you’re following someone that doesn’t make you feel good or you don’t like their message, click unfollow,” she tells Doyle.

“Maybe some mums are feeling guilty for not being active or not eating healthy… People always have to find someone to blame instead of taking responsibility.”

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