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With a single Instagram post, it appears Married At First Sight's Justin and Ashley are over.

So in yesterday’s now-questionable Married at First Sight couple news, it seemed that Ashley of Ashley and Troy, and Justin of Justin and Carly were together

However, apparently this is a lie.

To backtrack: Justin himself confirmed to radio duo Kyle and Jackie O himself that yes, the pair had been on a date here and there, and yes, they were getting freaky together.

When Kyle asked, “So it’s sex only, is that what you’re saying?”, Justin responded with a very quick yes.

So we quickly pencilled them down as soul mates. Naturally.


But now Ashley’s sister – Summer Irvin, has weighed in.

With a rather sharply worded Instagram story, Summer wrote, “Since everyone keeps tagging me. No it’s not true… Justin stop lying, you never slept with Ash… you WERE just mates… maybe not after this I’m guessing.”

Ashley and Justin were never together
Source: Instagram @summerirvin.

Our heads are spinning and we are even more confused.


Are they friends?! Are they dating?! Are they enemies?!

It's all a bit baffling.

So far Ash has yet to comment, and is instead spending her Good Friday in Perth visiting MAFS co-star Tracey. They are said to be rapping with reckless abandon.

We'll update you as this very important story unfolds.