The Chop: "I got Asher Keddie's haircut."

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Ever since I first saw her in Foxtel drama Love My Way and then the brilliant Offspring and now in the fantastic new show Party Tricks, I’ve been a devoted Asher Keddie fan.

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Whenever I develop a bit of a celebrity-girl-crush I always find myself trying to copy their style, their makeup, their personalities and in my younger years, their careers. I’m older now so I normally manage to focus my admiration on just series linking the show on my IQ.

But Party Tricks is fantastic and I just had to have Kate Ballard’s hairstyle.

See? Not even Rodger Corser can look away from Asher's hair.

My own hair is a bit of a mess. It has a natural wave that looks terrible if it isn’t styled and when I do manage to blow dry it straight, it normally starts to spring back into awkward waves by the end of the day, particularly if it is raining or humid.

The Chop: another one gets the bob.

So I booked my appointment and waited for the day of the appointment to explain what I wanted.

My hairdresser nodded solemnly, offered me tea, and got to work. We settled on a ‘lob’, which is a long bob. I ended up with a slightly longer, brunette version of Asher’s hair in Party Tricks:

So Myf Warhurst has a blonde bob now.

I was always afraid to cut my hair short. I felt like it would make me look older. Maybe it does, but so what? I am older and I plan to rock this hair!

Have you ever walked into a hairdresser and asked for a celebrity hair cut? How did it turn out?

Asher Keddie isn't the only celebrity with a killer hairstyle right now. Check out the other A-list cuts and colours we can't stop looking at: 

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