Asher Keddie explains why she chose her baby's name.

The name has nothing to do with a fashion designer.

Offspring star and multi-award winning actress, Asher Keddie gave birth to her baby boy just two months ago. And this week she has told everyone why her and husband, Vincent Fantauzzo chose the name Valentino for their son.

Keddie spoke to TheFix when she stepped out on the red carpet at the Instyle and Audi 7th Annual Women of Style Awards on Wednesday night. She told the online publication that their name choice had nothing to do with art (even though her 37-year-old husband is an artist) and more to do with romance and drama. 

Asher's first photo of her and her baby.

"It was very fast, very mutual. Early on in the pregnancy we went 'oh that's it'," Keddie told TheFix.

The 40-year-old tells that the choice to go with Valentino had nothing to do with the designer (Valentino Garavani), it actually had to do with the Latin meaning behind the name, which is 'valiant'.

The doting mother said that her little man is valiant and brave and she really liked the meaning behind the name they'd chosen. Even though she didn't know it until they'd already decided  - she loved it even more once she found out.

"I just loved it because it's romantic and dramatic and all the things his father is really!" She told the online publication.

Asher, Vincent and Luca.

Keddie also admitted that Fantauzzo's son from a previous marriage, Luca is excited to have a little brother.

"He's very gentle, very sweet with him. He sings to him a lot to soothe him – it's gorgeous," she told TheFix.

Fantauzzo spoke to The Project while on the red carpet too, and admitted that he was trying to convince his wife to have more children in the near future.

When asked who he was going to paint next he said, "I am working on Asher having more and more children so each year I can paint them." Asher Keddie's shocked face says it all...

Fantauzzo was also very keen to enjoy a big night away from the kids, saying they were going to be "out all night."

What do you think of the baby's name?

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