"Husband and wife." Ash Barty has married her long-term partner Garry Kissick.

Life post-retirement has been very good for tennis superstar Ash Barty. She has played in charity golf tournaments, released a series of children's books and has been planning her wedding to long-term partner Garry Kissick.

And this month, Barty married Kissick.

It was an intimate ceremony in Queensland with those closest to them in attendance.

On Saturday night she shared the news via Instagram alongside Kissick, the pair aptly captioning the post: "Husband and Wife."

She wore a halter neck style dress with a train from bridal designer Suzanne Harward, along with pearl earrings and an up-do.

In 2016, Kissick and Barty met and reportedly became an item in 2017.

Kissick is a PGA Golf trainee professional who also resides in the Ipswich area in Brisbane like Barty.

In an interview with Vogue Australia, Barty credited him for being "extremely patient". 

"When we met he didn't know a lot about tennis. He's kind of been thrown in the very deep end in understanding what the tour is like and how much we're apart... he's the best person to have around in the sense of switching off from tennis and being able to bring the fun and laughter when we are training and not be so serious all the time." 

She continued: "I certainly wouldn't want to share this journey with anyone else. Home is where the heart is."

In November 2021, the couple announced their engagement.


When Barty won the Australian Open and Wimbledon, Kissick was right by her side. And when she announced her retirement, he was there for her too.

The couple share a bunch of dogs together which they call their "wolfpack" - border collie Origi, plus Affie, Chino, Rudy and Maxi.

Barty has since said that the dogs have helped her greatly, especially amid stressful times and in this new time of 'retirement'.

Previously speaking to Mamamia about navigating this new chapter, Barty said: "The way I live my life hasn't changed but my schedule is definitely busier, and there is more attention on me than there used to be. I'm a pretty low-key person so I'm still getting used to that [but] the support from the Australian public has been amazing and I am so grateful for that."

Watch: Ash Barty speaking about her relationship and life after tennis. Post continues below.

Video via TODAY.

The future looks bright for Barty, even with tennis out of the picture.

As she said to Vogue Australia, she's been using the time to take stock of her life and spend time with those closest to her. It includes walking her dogs, picking up her niece from school, family barbecues with her parents and sisters, playing golf with Kissick and now enjoying married life together.

"I'm enjoying the time now that's personal to me, reconnecting with my loved ones and almost reconnecting with what life's all about, and not having the professional side of my life interfering at the moment. 

"It's just nice to take stock but certainly prioritise the things that matter most to me."

Feature Image: Instagram @ashbarty / @gazlfc90.

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