What the public really think of MKR's Ash and Camilla.

Hint: It’s not good.

Victorian socialites Ash and Camilla seem to have started off this year’s season of My Kitchen Rules on the wrong foot. They’re being likened to Chloe and Kelly from last season, not a good sign.

The duo have described themselves as ‘food snobs’ and claim to mingle with celebrities at race days and polo cups. They were pitched to the show as ‘well-travelled friends’ and have not stepped in quietly.

Ash and Camilla. Image via My Kitchen Rules Facebook.

And while their antics have not gone unnoticed by the media, it's the audience's social media comments that had our jaws on the floor.

New Idea Magazine asked their audience a simple question about the two hot-headed contestants. On their website they asked,  "What do you make of Ash and Camilla? Tell us below." Over 500 comments later and we were feeling bad for the Victorian pair.

Here are some of the nastiest comments:

About Ash (with big blonde curls)...

A lot of people have been saying that they are just 'cashed up bogans', Kath and Kim wannabes OR in more harsh words...

Others have said that it's no surprise Channel Seven have put a pair of nasty women on the show - it seems to be the running theme of MKR.

And there's just some pure hatred being thrown around...

While we admit they have kind of brought this backlash on themselves ('socialites'?) we need to remember that they are still people.

Sure, you can hurl abusive comments their way behind a computer screen, but just remember they're not hurting anyone except their own reputation and dignity. So maybe keep your snarky comments toned down?

Let the drama unravel naturally - on screen.

Who's your favourite couple on MKR this season?

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