This Melbourne woman has hired a man to pretend to rape her.

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1. Artist hires stranger to fake a rape.

A Melbourne artist has arranged for a stranger to pretend to rape her as part of an art project.

Sophia Hewson, 31, says she the video of the fake assault, which was filmed in her New york apartment, will help “dismantle male power”.

The confronting three-minute piece, entitled Untitled (“are you ok bob”?), is due to show at a Melbourne gallery between 19 May and 2 June.

The artist says the work intends to change the way people see rape and give power back to the victims.

“The raped woman is nearly always depicted with her face downcast and her eyes averted,” Ms Hewson said in a statement.

Instead of focusing on the perpetrator, the camera stays on Ms Hewson’s face throughout the video, reports.

Ms Hewson acknowledges not everyone will understand her work, however, and rape survivor Katrina Kesheshian has already criticized the art project as “offensive”.

The National Sexual Assault, Domestic and Family Violence Counselling Service 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732) offers counselling, support or assistance for anyone who has experienced sexual assault or family violence.

2. Victims of MS804 “terror attack” named.

Debris from the missing EgyptAir flight MS804, which vanished from radar en route from Paris to Cairo on Thursday, has been found in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Egyptian army has reportedly found body parts, plane seats, and suitcases alongside the debris about 290km north of Alexandria.


Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi issued a statement offering his condolences to the passengers’ loved one.

“The presidency with utmost sadness and regret mourns the victims on aboard the EgyptAir flight who were killed after the plane crashed in the Mediterranean on its way back to Cairo from Paris,” the statement read.

EgyptAir  offered its condolences to friends and families of those onboard in a Facebook post, and released the names of the pilot as Mohamed Said Ali Ali Shoukair, 37, and the co-pilot as Mohamed Mamdouh Assem in a statement to NBC News.

The victims include Air hostess Samar Ezz Eldin, 27 (pictured as featured image,) and cabin manager Mervat Zakaria, who gave up a TV acting career to become an air hostess, Daily Mail reports.

Co-pilot Mohamed Mamdouh Assem (Photo: Twitter)

While no official explanation of the cause of the crash has been given yet, speculation has centered on the possibility of a terrorist attack, CNN reports.

3. Toddler fighting for life eating popcorn.

A toddler is fighting for her life after chocking on a popcorn kernel last week, NBC12 reports.

Mirranda Grace, of Virginia, was taken to hospital and intubated after choking on the popular snack on 11 May.

The two=year-old has now been on life support for over a week, and doctors are now ready to test her to see if she is brain dead, and possibly to turn off her life support machines.

Parents Patrick and Alison Lawson, want to delay the tests to see if their daughter will get better, or at least stay alive for a little while longer.


GoFundMe page set up to support the family describes the horrifying moment Ms Lawson discovered her daughter had choked:

"Miranda ran in to the room looking at her mom.  Eyes huge, no sound.  Time stopped," the page described. "Those were the last moments they shared before Miranda fell to the ground; they swept her mouth, nothing; Pat started CPR.  The ambulance got there, Miranda’s heart stopped."

4. Refugee champ challenges Dutton to a scrabble match.

A Lismore refugee has challenged Immigration Minister Peter Dutton to a scrabble showdown.

Accountant-and-journalist-turned-disability-worker Adeyemi Johnson made the offer in response to Dutton's assertion this week that "illiterate and innumerate refugees" might take Australian jobs.

"I think I can give him a run for his money," literary whiz Johnson, who became an Australian citizen in 2013, told The Northern Star.

Mr Johnson and his family fled war-torn Sierra Leone and relocated to Lismore in NSW in 2008.

5. Beastie Boys’ founding member dies

Founding member of the Beastie Boys John Berry has died in a hospice at the age of 52.

The guitarist passed away on Thursday morning in Danvers, Massachusetts at 7:30 am local time, Rolling Stone reports.

Berry's father John Berry III confirmed the sad news to Rolling Stone, saying  his son had been suffering from frontal lobe dementia and that his condition had worsened in recent months.

Berry, as shown on the back of the band's 1982 EP Polly Wog Stew

6. Women who groom get ahead at work: study.

Women who spend more time grooming are more successful in their careers than those who don't bother with makeup or fancy clothes, a study has claimed.

Better-dressed women between 24 and 32 earn more and score easier promotions than their frumpier counterparts, the study from sociologists Jacyln Wong at the University of Chicago and Andrew Penner at the University of California, Irvine,claimed.

The Huffington Post reports that the study found while men are also judged on their appearance, it's more about their natural attractiveness than their commitment to grooming.

7. Airbnb sued for racial discrimination.

An African-American man is suing Airbnb after being allegedly racially discriminated against by the home-sharing website.

Gregory Selden, of Virginia in the US, attempted to rent a place to stay in Philadelphia for a few days earlier this year.

But the owner told Richmond resident Selden, 25,  that  the space was unavailable.


Selden (Photo: Twitter)

"When I went to request it, he got back to me the next morning telling me the space was unavailable. At that point I didn't think anything of it, I was like ‘ok, cool’," Selden told NBC 12.

But just hours later, he saw the same room was still listed as available for other travelers to book on the website.

Selden then created two fake profile- using the faces of two white men.

"When I reached out to him on the fake profiles, subsequently he accepted both of them," Selden said.

Selden contacted AirBnB as soon as it happened but says he didn't get a response until months later, after his story went viral online.

He believes he was denied because of his race, and is now suing Airbnb on behalf of "others similarly situated," CNBC reports.

8. Former Miss Universe blames Trump for eating disorder.

A former  Miss Universe has told how Donald Trump called her 'Miss Piggy' and an 'eating machine' after she gained weight.

Alicia Machado, who was also Miss Venezuela, gained 40lbs (about 18kg) after taking the crown at age 19.

She told Inside Edition Trump then began bullying her, even inviting media outlets to watch her at the gym without telling her they would be there.

Machado said she felt body-shamed by the experience, which in turn led to years of eating disorders.

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