Mum discovers husband named daughter after soccer team 2 years later.

There’s no doubt that fans of British soccer football teams can be pretty intense.

I mean, in extreme cases, we’re talking about people who will riot in the streets against fans of their enemies the other team.

But one dad has taken fandom to a whole new level.

Twitter user Arsenal Cannon Pics posted a tweet featuring a photo of a page from what we guess is an Australian magazine.

Some soccer plays, doing stuff with a soccer ball. image via

Clare Smith from Blacktown in NSW says that her daughter's name, Lanesra, was chosen because it's "unique and romantic."

Fast forward two years, and her husband has finally told her the truth.

Her daughter's name is Arsenal, her husband's favourite soccer team, spelled backwards.

Here's the tweet;

As you might imagine, this has earned the husband in question great respect from Arsenal fans everywhere.


While we're glad he doesn't barrack for Manchester (Retsehcnam) or Tottenham (Mahnettot), the real take away here is that if he was a Chelsea fan, things would have been much easier for everyone.

Do you know the Smith family in question? Get in touch with us [email protected]

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