HOROSCOPES: Confusion and mixing business with pleasure. The week ahead according to your star sign.

Natasha Weber is an astrology genius and has predicted our horoscopes for the week beginning June 6. For more from Natasha, follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

Mega planets Saturn and Uranus call for a friendship inventory. But as the saying goes, “it’s not you, it’s me”. This time, there’s no blame to dish out. Your besties are not secretly plotting your demise, nor are they throwing shade. You’ve simply outgrown one or two of your crew. The answer is simple; either you stick with the group or seek a new tribe.


It’s a big week in terms of how you see your place in the world and how the world sees you! Bulls dragging their professional feet are inspired to step up to an important task. Meeting your responsibilities gains you the respect and recognition you crave, so make your move by Tuesday. Be mindful of how you present yourself - there are more eyes on you than you realise.

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Protect your shared possessions and money. This isn’t necessarily a case of someone intending to rip you off, but it might be. Even if your financial partner has no clue, they may be unknowingly creating a loss for you. There’s no need to stress, Gemini. It just means that you have to be on top of things. Mercury’s retrograde suggests you get your facts straight - a false accusation would be disastrous.


The week begins on a lovely note, with Venus and La Luna romancing your sign. But as soon as you get comfy, the Sun’s clash with foggy Neptune creates a cloud of confusion. Don't try to make sense of things. You fear the worst-case scenario, but it isn't set in stone. Trust. Have faith that everything will fall into place, and eventually, it will.


Your stars spell success, but you’re going to have to put yourself out there, Leo. Mars’ wink to Jupiter showcases your talent. What gift have you been keeping to yourself? Sure, it’s scary sharing something so personal. You fear judgement and not being good enough. But by hiding away, you’ll miss the rewards you rightly deserve.

That thing you do every day shapes your reality, Virgo. Although it seems small and insignificant in individual doses, the accumulative effects are massive. Check your self-talk. What are you telling yourself regularly? An overnight change isn’t likely, but Saturn and Uranus start you off in the right direction if you’re willing.


Some Librans consider mixing business with pleasure. If that’s you, you needn’t worry; the stars support the merger provided you outline clear boundaries. Rather than entering into verbal agreements assuming all will be well, do your due diligence. Don’t leave finer details to the other party, either. Treat the partnership like you would any other professional alliance.

A relationship revolution is on the cards, thanks to Saturn and Uranus’ rare link. Allow this dynamic cosmic duo to introduce new and improved ways of connecting with your sweetheart. Change things up a little! This is especially true for couples that have fallen into a love rut. Singles; reconnect with yourself before allowing anyone else the privilege of getting close to you.


The recent eclipse hullabaloo in your sign shouldn’t overshadow Saturn and Uranus' celestial rarity. This is a powerful connection that brings important news and a game-changer for you, Sagittarius. This information affects your daily routine, from the moment you wake up to when you shut your eyes at night. Job changes, lifestyle shifts and health reviews are all on the cards.


Remove a relationship stressor when the Sun tickles intense Pluto in your sign. Why so serious, Capricorn? Focus and responsibility are two of your key strengths but being sombre only brings you and anyone close to you down. Don’t force yourself to feel positive if it doesn't feel authentic, but don’t lose your sense of humour, either.

Saturn’s rare alignment with Uranus has your name all over it, Aquarius. Both these powerhouse planets rule your sign, meaning there’s great potential to make significant shifts. Family breakthroughs are likely. Reconnect with a long lost loved one to bury the hatchet if you want to. Right now, you’re the queen of your domain - what you say goes!


Healthwise, you’re on top of your game, but be careful with all that extra pep-in-your-step. Mars’ romp with Jupiter, the planet that likes to push things too far, could make you more accident-prone than usual. Channel your energy wisely, Pisces. Engaging in something mentally challenging is not only beneficial but it could bring in big bucks too.

A self-confessed astrology nerd, Natasha’s horoscopes, research and articles have been published in Today’s Astrologer, in addition to international publications across the globe. A senior member of the Australian Academy of Astrology and Cosmobiology and a member of the American Federation of Astrologers, she has presented cosmic updates for Your Life Naturally and has appeared as a special guest on podcasts, including Sivana and Healthy-ish.

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