"In defence of Ariel Winter's CRAZY decision to leave the house with no bra on."


In case you missed it, a woman going sans bra in public is tres important and newsworthy.

I mean, given there are millions upon millions of ~reb3llious nipplez~ to monitor in this world, it’s a wonder people keep talking about that bloomin’ US election or whatever.

Well praise be that the Nipple Police, AKA The Daily Mail, were here to deliver us this gem:

Seriously, what a headline. (Screenshot: Daily Mail)

That's right, Modern Family actress Ariel Winter stepped out with - GASP - just one piece of fabric between her nipples and the outside world.

Someone give me a string of pearls to feverishly clutch.

Ariel's nipples were basically flapping in the wind, you guys. They basically got her arrested for indecent exposure. They basically robbed a bank and then shot a guy.

Quelle Horreur!

I am appalled, Ariel. Utterly appalled. (Image: Instagram)

But in all seriousness, why in the flying banana does a woman going bra-free make the news?

Are media outlets really concerned about celebrities' level of bust support, or are they just using the creepiest method of getting sweet clicks?

Something Everything tells me it's option B.

(And we're not gonna share the photos... because no.)

Ladies, if you want to go without a bra - BLOODY DO IT. You should feel free to do so without thinking your areolas are going to make the front page. (Post continues after gallery.)

And, just in case you need a lil' bit of positive reinforcement in your life, here's a list of reasons why doing so is A-OK:

  1. Underwire bras are the devil.
  2. Grabbing your own boobs at spontaneous times is fun.
  3. Backless tops.
  4. Underwire bras are the devil.
  5. You've just put on fake tan.
  6. Minimises laundry.
  7. Saves time.
  8. Freedom.
  9. Underwire bras are the devil.

Let's just lay off women and let them go a day without having their boobs restrained by over the shoulder boulder holders, okay?