The biggest trend of the night was anti-red carpet fashion at the Aria Awards.

The Aria Awards red carpet was, eclectic, to say the least.

There were full length gowns, there were sneakers and there was even a feminist t-shirt. (Post continues after gallery.)


But there was one trend that dominated the night – anti-red carpet fashion. And it was a breath of fresh air.

Not only were celebrities doing away with traditional ‘rules’ of red carpets, they were also being honest about the frankly quite unglamorous reality of so-called glamorous events.

1. Tanya Hennessy’s swear proof outfit.

The radio presenter was leading the charge, quickly earning her place as our new red carpet hero.

Talking to Mamamia‘s Clare and Jessie Stephens on the red carpet, she revealed she’d had to think fast to adjust her outfit to the 26 degree temperatures.

“It’s all smoke and mirrors. I’m sweating so bad and I’m wearing a silk top and you can see the sweat through the silk. No sh*t, I put tissues under my armpits to hide it,” she said.

Image: Mamamia

She even pulled out the tissues to show us to prove she wasn't making it up. Legend.

She also proved you don't have to go designer to look incredible - her shoes were from Big W and her skirt borrowed from her mum.

Living my best life at the @aria_official 2017 - @bumble_australia ????

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2. Sophie Monk isn't taking any chances.

The biggest "blunder" you can make on the red carpet - aside from falling over or showing your knickers - is forgetting who you're wearing. Yes, WHO you're wearing thanks to the lucrative business that is red carpet dressing.

Sophie Monk wasn't taking any chances.

Mamamia spotted Monk's hand on which she'd written the details of her outfit in black marker. (It's Mariam Seddiq, whom she also wore on the show ICYMI).

Image: Mamamia

3. Emma Wiggle isn't here for your spray tan.

Once upon a time, attending red carpet meant one thing: a non-negotiable spray tan.

Not anymore, as Emma Watkins of The Wiggles so beautifully proves.


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4. Heels were given the boot.

While there were some fantastic heels on the red carpet, there was another shoe that was hankering for the limelight.

The boot. (Post continues after gallery.)


It was a similar case for the MTV Music awards earlier this month, so it looks like the trend is going international.

Plenty of people also had their future selves in mind and went for flat options, including Ash London's creepers.

5. Men ditched the boring black suits.

Excuse us, but men want to have fun with fashion too.

We barely spotted a black suit amongst the tartan, floral jackets, mustard trousers and blue sequin roll necks (yes, really).


We kind of love it.

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