Apparently, Ariana Grande wants her fans to "f*cking die".

Ariana Grande.

At first, we thought she was a coffee. (Grande… get it?)

Then, we found out she was a small and talented American popstar.

And now, we know she is a serious diva.

The latest is that she want her fans to “f*cking die”. No, really. She said that.

The New York Daily News is reporting that Ariana did some meet-and-greets with fans at a Manhattan radio station, and as soon as the doors shut behind them, she said “I hope they all f*cking die”.

Not a great way to make new fans, Ariana.

The 12 21-year-old singer was recently in Australia, and so was her list of diva demands.

As Mamamia reported, the demands were ridiculous:

One must not compare Ariana to Mariah Carey.

One must not mention Justin Beiber, her cancelled Nickelodeon TV show Sam & Cat, or her love life in her presence.

One must not photograph the right side of her face.

One must not take her photograph in natural light.

As our grandmothers used to say, you attract more bees with honey than vinegar, Ariana.

Ariana. Get over yourself. To quote your song, we got “one less problem” if you stop being a tool.

Ariana hates being photographed from the right side of her face. Whoops…


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