The most specific demand a pop star has ever made in Australia.

She’s small, pretty and good at the singing. But it’s just not enough for Ariana Grande.

“Apparently” the 21-year-old singer of a song called Problems has been in Diva Mode since arriving in Australia this week.

Speaking of problems, Ariana has some. With the way people treat her. Here’s a list of things you must not do in the star’s presence.

One must not compare Ariana to Mariah Carey.

One must not mention Justin Beiber, her cancelled Nickelodeon TV show Sam & Cat, or her love life in her presence.

One must not photograph the right side of her face.

One must not take her photograph in natural light.

Look. Not mentioning Justin Bieber or Mariah Carey is easy enough. But photographing her only on her left side?

This woman has been in the spotlight since the age of 14. That’s 7 whole years of hiding the right side of her face.

How hard would it be for Ariana to be so constantly photographed, and yet always shot from the left? Does she keep her right side pressed against a wall? Does she brush her hair over the right side of her face, like the daughter in The Incredibles? The whole thing sounds inconvenient to us.

Our advice to the teeny singer with the huge voice is to calm down on the diva demands. You don’t want to get a reputation like Mariah Carey.


To see Ariana’s HIDEOUS right side, click through.