Celeb in 5: Thursday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. Oh dear, there was an editing mistake in last night’s episode of The Bachelor.

Last night’s episode of the Bachelor was suitably full of ~drama~, but aside from the Shannon vs Cat fight, the first consensual single date kiss and Vanessa Sunshine realness, The Daily Mail helpfully pointed out today that there was a ROGUE HUMAN OF THE MALE VARIETY lurking in the bushes.

We are shook.

Remember when Cayla awkwardly asked the Honey Badger for a chat so she could tell him about the snake infestation at Bachelor HQ? In case you don’t, here’s what went down:

Energy healer Cayla was sent home, along with another girl called Kayla (the one who jumped in the pool in episode one for some reason) and another called Christina who we can’t remember at all.

But before Cayla (with a “C” – C for crystals) hopped in the limo to travel back to real life, she pulled the Honey Badger aside for a chat. It was at this point, viewers noticed something odd.

Watch the moment closely below, post continues after video.

Video via Ten

“You should know this from the very beginning, Cat and Romy, they aren’t good people and they’re blind siding you,” Cayla told the Honey Badger moments she left the show.


Well, if you look closely, you can see the unknown man scrambling to get out of the shot in the bushes, just behind the Honey Badger’s head.

We feel cheated because we didn’t think men other than Osher and the Honey Badger were even allowed in The Bachelor mansion.


2. Ariana Grande and Katy Perry are having a bit of an Instagram feud over jackets. Yes, jackets.

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If you’ve just recovered from the great and savage Katy Perry /Taylor Swift feud of the last decade, then buckle up.

If Ariana Grande’s Instagram account is anything to go by, Katy is at it again.

Taking issue with the 25-year-old singer’s inability to wear weather appropriate clothing on Instagram, 33-year-old Katy decided to communicate her thoughts on one of her social media posts.

“Can you put on your jacket once please just once,” she asked in what we perceive to be a sarcastic tone, to which Ariana promptly replied, “No.”

While it’s kind of fun to imagine the drama that would ensue if these two artists starting feuding, we are 92 per cent sure this is just a joke between friends.

As for the other eight per cent, only the parties involved will every truly know the truth.

3. In his teenage years Kyle Sandilands lived in constant fear of “being attacked or bashed or raped”.

Kyle Sandilands didn’t have an easy childhood.

In a Daily Mail exclusive, the radio shock jock has described how he lived in fear of being bashed or raped when he was homeless at just 15 years old.

The now 47-year-old lived in a box on the street, after his mum and step-dad kicked him out of the house for throwing a party.


“It’s always there,” he told the publication. “That’s what drives me. The fear of being in that box again.”

Image: Getty.

While living on the streets for nine months, Sandilands had to steal food to survive.

He's now heading back to the streets to participate in the charity event Sleep Under The Stars. The radio host is worried the experience might leave him in a "blubbering mess".


"Seriously, the thought of being in a cardboard box again - even though it's in a fun environment - is hell on earth to me and a big sort of dark issue," he told the Daily Mail.

4. 'MAFS' star Sarah Roza has commented on the Instagram post that led fans to believe she was pregnant.

Sarah Roza confused us all when she shared a crytic post on Instagram last week.


The Married At First Sight star uploaded an image of IVF in process, writing "The next chapter in my life & undoubtedly the most important... I'm beyond excited!" and using equally as vague hashtags like #empoweredwoman #sohappy #blessed and #ilovescience.

Now the 39-year-old has explained what she meant by the photo, telling Who she is not pregnant but has frozen her eggs as a way to take charge of her destiny.

She said there's not a "hard-and-fast timeline" for her to become a parent. She's still open to the 'traditional' way of having a baby, but considers this an insurance policy.

"I will be 40 in January, and basically, I thought, 'My gosh, I have tried pretty much everything love has to offer out there in the world.' And I wanted to take out an insurance policy. We have insurance policies on our cars, our houses and our health, but our fertility—I wanted to have something for myself that I could go back to when I needed it," she said.

5. Eagle-eyed Bachelor fans have spotted an embarrassing mistake in Cassie’s love letters.

Uhhhh... Image: Channel 10.

"From the moment I first saw you, there was this precious moment in time where it felt like everything stood still and we locked eyes through the crowd…"

So began Cassandra Wood‘s declaration of love butterflies for Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins on Wednesday night’s episode of The Bachelor. Viewers watch on with sympathetic palm sweat as Cassie poured her heart out to The Badgelor, a towering man whom she ‘went on a few dates’ with prior to the season.

Eternally flustered around Nick (you know, because “strong feelings” and butterflies), Cassie chose to read the words from the pages of her diary.


Several sharp-eyed Bachelor fans spotted mere split-seconds of footage from the cringeworthy scene in which it appears that Cassie’s journal is, well, blank.

You can read the full story here.