15 arguments you WILL have with your daughter before she turns 5.

Are you ready to argue over these?

No darling the dog does not need to wear a tiara.

Yes, he looks beautiful. But he is a dog and all the other doggies at the park might be jealous if he turns up dressed like that. We need to be fair.

Oh no sweetie we can’t take all the other doggies a tiara too. 


My just-turned four year old is a delight. A wonderful mix of a little girl wanting to be like her big brothers while at the same time being oh such a fan of anything twirly, sparkly or pinkurple.

(Her word)

If she is not dressed as a fairy while lightsaber fighting with her brothers, she is attempting to paint the toe nails of her best friends in the 10 year old bright red nail polish she found in the back of my bathroom cabinet. If they are not fighting over lego she is bossing them around.

If they are not fighting over the lego, she is bossing them around.

After having two boys I thought I had seen it all. I thought I had SAID it all. Until now.  (And while we are on girls, click here to find out the 14 things no one tells you about having a baby girl.)

You must be kidding if you think you are wearing THAT out of the house was a sentence I did not think I would be saying until my kids reached their teenage years. But these days I say it on a daily basis. Along with what-you-are-wearing-is-fine and yes-those-shoes-match.

Heaven only knows where she gets it from, I’m certainly far from a fashion-loving role model. But I vow to embrace the sparkly tulle and glittery wings while I can because before long it might just be miniskirts and demin.

Who knew we would be arguing about these things with our preschoolers?

1. "No you cannot wear pink sparkly princess high heels to pre-school soccer practice."

It’s a hard one cause they ARE pretty sparkly and they do allow spikes on the field.

2. "No. You cannot wear the mermaid dress/ fairy wings/ fish tail to swimming lessons."

Just cause it looks like it belongs in the sea doesn’t mean it will float.

3. "No you cannot paint the dog’s toenails."

I don’t think he would sit still long enough anyway.

 4. "Elsa vs Anna."

Yeah Elsa has magical powers but Anna has such a better attitude.

5. "No, you cannot take sixteen beanies, four teddies and a handbag packed with beaded necklaces out. We are just ducking out for milk."


Just pack one bag please.

6. "Yes you must wear clothes to big-school pick up."

Sad to say though cause there ain’t a  happier a sight than a four year old running alfresco on a sunny summers day.

7. "No you can’t use tampons to make craft out of."

Why, well, er, cause mummy needs them.

It's a doll. Not a baby.

8. "No, your doll does not need her own car seat/ spot at the dinner table/ brand new newborn sized nappies/ matching shoes to you."

She is just a doll! (And no you cannot use my sanitary pads as nappies for her.)

9. "Yes, Mummies can go to work and Daddies can stay home."

This one is infuriating. Thanks Peppa Pig for this stereotype.

10. "No, you do not need to get changed again you have gotten changed five times already."

And we are running out of clothes.

11. "Yes, girls can wear pants."

You do NOT have to wear a skirt everywhere. In fact, pants are so much easier to run around in and be free. And you won’t be able to get away with legging as pants for much longer.

No, you already have six.

12. "No, you do not need another pink tutu."

You have six already and they all look the same to me.

13. "We don’t wear knee high pink ugg boots to the beach."

But they do look kinda cool.

14. "Yes, Barbie is meant to be a girl."

But its kinda cool you don’t think she looks like anyone real. Neither do we honey, Neither do we.

15. "No Mummy loves you more than you love me."

Because no other little girl is as delicious, as original, as caring and kind or as destined to be great as you are. And there is no possible way in the world you could love me more.

What do you argue with your daughter about?

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