Why argan oil is in everything from hair to skincare products right now.

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I think we can say it’s official – I’m obsessed with oils.

It started off with the discovery of rosehip oil, which finally gave my poor dehydrated skin the love it was lacking. Then I moved onto jojoba oil and that too became a skincare staple.

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Now Argan oil has taken the obsession one step further by infiltrating not just my skincare, but some of my favourite haircare and beauty products too.


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Used for its nourishing and conditioning properties, argan oil is like a hydrating hug for your skin as it's packed full of fatty acids, sterols, anti-oxidants and plenty of Vitamin E.

It's great for scars, dry and sunburnt skin, but I love it for everyday use. I've been using the Natio Argan and Jojoba Smoothing Face Oil every night after taking my makeup off and the results have been impressive.

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If you already have a face oil you love, then consider starting out with some argan-oil infused skincare products like a cleanser, shower gel or body butter. (Post continues after gallery.)


Argan oil was MADE for dry hair, which I am much more familiar with than I'd like thanks to my curly hair. The beauty of investing in pure argan oil is that it's so versatile — you can use the one product on both your face and your hair as required.

It can help promote growth, acts as a moisturiser to help scalp beat dandruff, is excellent at taming frizz as well as adding shine to your hair.

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While it might seem a little strange to add oil to your hair when oily hair is the one thing we're constantly trying to avoid, using small amounts will work wonders. You can use it as a hair mask, styling product or leave in conditioner. For best results apply a few drops to damp hair, working it through right to the ends.


If you're concerned about using too much oil or also want other benefits in your hair routine, then look out for products that include argan oil as an ingredient. I think it works just as well in all stages - from washing and prepping to final styling. (Post continues after gallery.)


I have to admit makeup was the area I was most hesitant to embrace oil in, but I've been pleasantly surprised. From lumisers to mascaras, it looks good while also treating and caring for your skin.

The first place? Lashes. I've heard mixed feelings about the Rimmel Wonder'full Argan Oil mascara, but decided to finally pick it up a few weeks ago.

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While it's not going to give you big, bold dramatic lashes, it lengthens them beautifully, coating and separating each individual lash without any clumps. It's also excellent at layering coats and most importantly for me, it doesn't smudge.

Natural looking but great for length and definition. Image: supplied.

I like the fact that I'm looking after my lashes while wearing mascara — the oil is supposed to promote growth and leaves them lovely and soft.

To me, I can feel the difference - it slides on lightly and smoothly, and is really easy to remove. It's definitely become my go-to daily mascara.

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I'm also a big fan of most of the products from Josie Maran Cosmetics, which all contain argan oil as a core ingredient. The consistencies remain spot on and the colours bright — my pick are the Argan Sticks, which are a great multi-purpose buy.

Have you jumped on the oil bandwagon yet?

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