Jetstar commits the biggest social faux-pas imaginable.

Poor Jetstar. You’ve just made the worst social faux pas you can. are reporting that a Jetstar staff member asked 24 year old New Zealander Grethe Andersen how many weeks pregnant she is, in an effort to ensure she was medically cleared to fly.

The worst possible social faux pas. image via istock

One problem.

Grethe Andersen is not pregnant.

Oh Jetstar. How mortifying for you.

But, in your defence, sometimes you just can't tell. How many of us have been caught staring at the abdomen of a woman standing next to the reserved seat on the train trying to work out if an offer to give up your seat will be met with welcome relief from a woman at the beginning of her second trimester or with hissed, 'no, thank you' from a decidedly un-pregnant woman.

Take comfort, Jetstar. We have all made this blunder, at least once.

I've done it. In the early stages of my first pregnancy, keen to find women in my situation to share the joy, I asked a woman at my gym how far along she was. She sucked in a sharp breath and informed me that she was not pregnant, but rather she bloated a little bit before her period.


She was less than impressed and I was mortified.

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Jetstar apologised to Ms Andersen and offered her a $100 voucher to make amends, and Ms Andersen has since praised the way Jetstar handled the incident.

Nice recovery, Jetstar.

In the meantime, the next time you find yourself in this situation on public transport, can I share with you the excellent advice of Fairfax reporter, Latika Bourke.

Have you ever committed this social blunder?

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