Are you done yet?

I ask this question incessantly and inapppropriately to pretty much anyone I meet who has kids and is under 45. I'm fascinated – some may say obsessed – with the idea of when-do-you-stop and how-do-you-know?
I always wanted to have more than one. Always. I have one brother but I've always been envious of big families. One of my close friends is one of 5 and I went to her wedding a couple weeks ago and there was something just so….warm and fuzzy and connected and FUN about having so many brothers and sisters and so many kids. I like the whole clan aspect of it. So how do you know when to stop? I think when you have a child of each gender it can be harder to decide to go again. I know many women who have gone 'once more' for a girl or boy when they already have one (or two or even three) of the other.
Many women say they just KNOW when they're done. Like when you look around and wonder "are we all here yet?". But when if you KNOW you're NOT done but your partner is?

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