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Screenshots and confessions: Inside the rumours that Matt cheated on Renee after paradise.

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On Tuesday morning, the Bachelor In Paradise world blew up with rumours and allegations concerning Matt Whyatt and Renee J Barrett and yes, we are here to break it down for you in completely unnecessary but very entertaining detail.

To recap, Matt and Renee formed a relationship on BIP, confessing their love for each other at the final commitment ceremony. Since filming, the couple have broken up. 

But the timeline of their breakup is... confusing, and there are persistent rumours that Matt cheated on her. 

Here's everything we know. 

Renee on why they broke up.

Speaking with The Babble podcast, Renee said her and Matt parted ways "just before New Years". 

"I live in Darwin, I have a job here, so I was really hesitant at that point to leave and move all the way to the Gold Coast for something so fresh," she explained. 

"He definitely was ready and I'll give him credit for that because he's such a great guy, but I think at those times in our lives we were just like 'Look, it's just not working'."

That sounds amicable. 

Did Matt cheat on Renee? 

Enter: Ciarran Stott, who is Renee's ex-partner and was also on BIP

On Tuesday morning, he shared some thoughts about his ex-girlfriend's ex-boyfriend. 

"I just want to call out the hypocrisy of Matt during and after the show. Matt came on with the full intention of getting with Renee and calling to light all of my past indiscretions in front of cameras," he said in his stories. 

Image: Instagram. 


"However, when the show has stopped filming, he goes and gets with different girls during the same period and wants to say that he is a genuine guy because he got a great edit on the show," Ciarran continued.

Image: Instagram.  

Ciarran adds: "You can't do one thing on TV and then act the opposite off screen. That's hypocritical."

Image: Instagram.  


He then leads us to a woman called Cheyenne O'Leary, who apparently dated Matt last year.

This is where it gets... confusing. 

On reality TV podcast So Dramatic!, host Megan Pustetto interviews both Renee and Cheyenne at the same time when they realise they were essentially both seeing Matt at the same time.  

According to Cheyenne, Matt told her his relationship with Renee "was all staged for the show" and he insisted he was single. 

Cheyenne said she was talking to Matt "two or three weeks" before New Years Eve, when they first got together.

Renee said on the podcast: "That explains the message he sent me, I think two days before New Years, saying that he had found somebody else and he was really happy and he couldn't lie to me anymore." 

On Tuesday, Cheyenne explained the podcast interview. 

Image: Instagram. 

Cheyenne said she wants "no part of this situation" but then shared screenshots of exactly what transpired between her and Matt. 


Image: Instagram.  

She went on to share a screenshot of her messages with Matt, showing them spending NYE together.
Image: Instagram. 

Then, Cheyenne shared "proof" of her "getting ambushed live and then [Renee] saying sorry for doing it afterwards".

Image: Instagram.  


Interestingly, Renee said Matt was in Darwin "not long ago" when he said "he still has feelings for me".

Image: Instagram.  

Renee then took to her own Instagram stories, where she said: "I defended Matt last night because I was concerned for his mental well-being but what was presented in the podcast from me and Chey is the truth."


Image: Instagram. 

What does Matt say?

Now, Matt has passionately defended himself. 

On Monday, the reality TV contestant saying, "I did not cheat on anyone."

"We actually ended things on mutual terms. And were excited to be understanding and happy for each other’s future," he said. 

Addressing the cheating rumours specifically, Matt said: "I did not kiss, sleep with or have any relationship with anyone while I was still with Renee or while I’ve been with any other girl for that matter.. I am the genuine guy you saw on your TV screen."

View this post on Instagram

This guy you seen on your TV is 100% me. I can’t even believe I’m having to defend myself against some click bait media and people wanting their 5 mins of fame, because we finished a show and we are their free ride to self promotion. I did not cheat on anyone I didn’t plan the show, I obviously hoped Renee was going on the show but everything was real. rewatch the emotion in my face the whole show that can’t be faked!!! When we got home I did try, I put my feeling on the line I was vulnerable i was understanding that it had been soo soon after Renee’s last relationship, I was always respectful throughout the whole show towards Renee. We actually ended things on mutual terms. And were excited to be understanding and happy for each other’s future. This still stands to this day me and Renee are friends and happy for each other and wish nothing but luck in love, so please stop believing everything you read or hear have some faith in what you watched on your screen, genuine real emotions. I did not kiss, sleep with or have any relationship with anyone while I was still with Renee or while I’ve been with any other girl for that matter.. I am the genuine guy you saw on your TV screen, My friends and family know that and I am strong enough to stand my ground and know who I am as a person and that is not a cheater. Relationships in the real world after these shows have soo much pressure and it’s not easy but it doesn’t mean I don’t deserve love and respect of a little bit of privacy I am human also. I ask you rethink and look at the guy you seen on your screen and believe that was me! These nasty comments are breaking me into a million pieces knowing I haven’t cheated. Maybe I suck at relationships but Im not a cheater and I deserve to be aloud to find love like everyone of you do.

A post shared by  Matt Whyatt (@mattwhyatt) on


On Tuesday, Matt once again defended himself, again denying the cheating rumours. 

He says himself and Renee broke up around December 13, 2019 - despite Renee saying they broke up a few days before New Years. 

"I have not cheated, I was single mid-December 2019 so stop the bulls**t fake cheating attacks on me," he shared on Instagram.

He then shared screenshots of his conversations with one of Renee's friends. 

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I broke up with Renee around the 12-13th of dec. So talking to a new girl late Dec an hanging out New Years isn’t cheating. I ended things with Renee because I felt I was way more invested then she was and I was ready for more! Her friend msg me trying to make things right but I was just wanting to go my own way. They tried and tried to get me to come to Darwin as just friends and hang out with the whole group but I never got on the plane. I have not cheated I was single Mid December 2019 so stop the bullshit fake cheating attacks on me. I have no access to msgs from Renee for some reason so this is the best I’ve Got. I didn’t break up her via text on Christmas or what ever they have been saying. Myself and Renee had many many phone conversations We were broken up around 12-13th of dec

A post shared by  Matt Whyatt (@mattwhyatt) on

So did Matt cheat on Renee?

... Unconfirmed. 

It's been one hell of a rollercoaster to get to that indeterminate conclusion.

Feature image: Channel 10/Instagram.

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