Baby wearing experts say prams are bad for babies.

Baby wearing experts are advising parents to look to alternative methods of infant transport claiming that using a pram is actually risky for children’s health.

Caley Timmins is a Pottsville based mum of one. She is so committed to showing mothers the alternative options for getting baby around that she has set up her own business doing just that- baby wearing.

“I ended up talking to friends about baby wearing, just teaching them what I learnt, and thought I should get proper training in it, and turn it into a career,” she told The Tweed Daily News.

Baby wearing is the term used to describe a parent or carer using a sling or other kind of carrier to move around with their baby.

The practice has actually been around for many, many years and more mothers and fathers are turning to babywearing for convenience and bonding purposes.

As a mothers of three I couldn’t live without my baby carrier- simply because I need to use my hands and I have an incredibly clingy child. Baby wearing for the win!

However, Caley says that parents should be using baby wearing techniques at all times. She claims that using a traditional pram is potentially harmful to little ones stating that she believes human babies are designed to be carried and that using a push chair or pram is biologically unnatural.

Having trained under German baby wearing experts, Caley told The Tweed Daily News that pram use has the potential to damage little spines because the angle puts all the pressure on their backs.

“Babies don’t get the variation of the movement when they’re in a pram. If you’re wearing a baby it’s beneficial for the physical and emotional development; it’s how babies are meant to be.”


While prams are obviously supported by medical practitioners, Caley says that baby wearing is the ideal situation for parents because it enables them to soothe and comfort their child while still being able to perform daily tasks.

“It’s how I cope with life; I cook the dinner babywearing, if he’s cranky I babywear, if I can’t get him to sleep, I babywear. It’s the answer to most problems,” she said.

Caley says she aims to educate people on the benefits of baby wearing and offers in home consultations with parents to help determine the right style of carrier for them.

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