The Bachelor's Rachel owns a pair of shoes we can't stop staring at.

Today, the entire Mamamia office was perplexed. Baffled. CONFUSED.

As with any office of women, a conversation about shoes and fashion takes place on a daily basis.

Normally, it’s all very cordial and polite. Not today. Today’s was heated.

You see, one of my editors stumbled upon this photo of Kanye West’s shoes on Rachel Moore’s Instagram page (Rachel was a contestant on the 2015 season of The Bachelor).

Plastic. Shoes. That cost a cool $500.

“Plastic shoes!” she wrote as she shared the link. “Do you think these would be uncomfortable?”

Opinion was split. Would perspex heels be comfy and mold to your foot? Would they make your feet sweat like I do when I take my car to be serviced and the mechanic asks when I last changed the oil? Would they make your foot resemble Play-Doh being squeezed through fingers?

So. Many. Questions.

Upon closer inspection, we realised the Bach alum is quite partial to perspex shoes. Here she is wearing a pair out to lunch:


Hungry for answers about these shiny, see-through shoes, I decided to go straight to the heels aficionado herself. Lucky for me, she was more than happy to divulge her #plasticshoesecrets.

“They’re not uncomfortable at all!” Rachel assured me.

“They really mold to your foot and are incredibly comfy. And if you have a pedicure, they look even more amazing.”

Rachel recently sat down with us for Mamamia's Bach Chat.

But what about the sweat, Rachel? WHAT ABOUT THE SWEAT?!

The shoe expert, who buys a new pair every two-or-so weeks, says there's really nothing to worry about there either.

"I've worn them for seven hours before, and my foot was completely dry until about the five-hour mark. From there they might sweat a little bit, but it's nothing to worry about."

Huh. Interesting.

A close-up of Rachel's own perspex heels. (Image supplied)

While Rachel admires Yeezy designs from afar, she has a trick for getting her hands on cheap alternatives. (Thank. God.)

"For trend pieces like these I always go cheaper. So instead of paying $1000 for a pair of Yeezys that will go out of fashion in two years, I buy online from overseas stores - mostly or," she explains.

"They end up costing me about $50, which is such a bargain for people who don't want to splurge on trend pieces."

There ya have it, folks. Will you be donning a pair of perspex heels anytime soon?