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Jessika and Ines have confirmed what we've always suspected: MAFS is kinda... fake.

Our suspicions have been confirmed.

Season 6 of Married At First Sight was fake and we want our money back.

OK, we’ll settle for another whole season of the reality program, and it’s not because we miss it with all our hearts. It’s because it’s the fair and right thing for Channel 9 to do.

(It’s definitely because we miss it.)

Speaking to Maxim Australia this week, former contestants Jessika Power and Ines Basic basically confirmed that it’s all a dirty, dirty lie.


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“The public think it’s gospel and everything that happens on the show is real,” Jessika, 27, told the publication, adding: “It isn’t real life, it’s TV.”

And look, we know that, but we also feel like in past seasons people have genuinely wanted to marry strangers on the television for reasons we cannot explain or understand, so we feel robbed.

Ines, 29, went on to say: “I don’t watch reality TV so I never knew much about it, but you may as well be contracted as an actor,” and we don’t believe a word of it. Ines definitely watches reality TV.



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Their claims suggests much of the show’s ~drama~ was in fact encouraged by producers, and given the contestant’s backgrounds, this doesn’t really surprise us.

We know they… got paid, and that most of them actually were paid actors before they tied the knot for the “social experiment”.

Following the show’s wrap date, many of the contestants have gone on to pursue careers as extras in commercials actors.

Behold, video evidence:

Proof That The #MAFS Cast Are Actors

Wait… so it's not real? #MAFS

Posted by KIIS 1065 on Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Let’s take a closer look at each ex-MAFS contestant’s acting portfolio, shall we?

Billy Vincent

Image: Facebook.

28-year-old Billy Vincent, who tried to fool us all into believing he was a barista, is a legit model and part-time actor.

(We also knew this from the penis calendar he proudly showed Susie during the season).

His biggest and most important role to date was as a surfer with no money in a McDonald's advert, which aired in 2012.

Was this... the last time he surfed? As in the time he lied to Susie about surfing during their infamous sh*t fight on the beach?

susie mafs recap
Never forget.

We may never know.

Susie Bradley

Image: Facebook.

Speaking of Susie, while nothing can outshine her performance that day on the beach, it seems she'd actually done a bit of acting herself before appearing on the show.

The mother-of-one (whose daughter's name is Baby, may we remind you) starred in an advert for Queensland-based fitness company Peptides Direct.

It basically features her wandering around a kitchen in her undies and a white shirt.

Dino Hira

Image: Facebook.

But sit down Billy and Susie. And the rest of the contestants, for that matter.

34-year-old Dino boasts the most titles to his name, including an actual movie.

After spending several years as an actor in various productions, he appeared in Australian movie Eleven Days in 2018.

Here he is wearing a wig in a shaving commercial, which we feel is just as big a career achievement.

Jessika Power

Image: Facebook.

Dino also appeared alongside controversial contestant Jessika Power (wait, they knew each other?) in a campaign for prescription glasses company Speqs in 2017 – as in two years before the actual season.


Melissa Lucarelli

Image: Facebook.

Dino's ex (TV) wife, 38-year-old talent agent Melissa, has previously starred as an extra in Home and Away as a Summer Bay cop.

This, too, was pre-MAFS.

Sam Ball

Image: Facebook.

26-year-old Sam Ball played a douchebag 'river boy' on Home and Away in 2018.

But perhaps the best part of his performance was this crooked fake back tattoo.

We would have demanded our money back if this was a real tat.

He also made several appearances in crime thriller series, Secret City, currently streaming on Netflix, which perfectly prepared him for his fake affair with Ines.

As reported by Daily Mail, his now-deleted StarNow acting profile once read:"'I have a tendency of making people say 'wow' after every experience."

Sweet Jesus.

Mike Gunner

Image: Facebook.

When he's not making us cringe on his podcast, Stick to your Knitting, it seems even Mike, 43, dabbles in the screen arts.

He played a gun-wielding gangster in a short film in which he shoots a crash test dummy while wearing the same facial expression he has when he's explaining how women are more emotional than men.

Bronson Norrish

Image: Facebook.

Here 34-year-old Bronson is not being yelled at by Ines in a cafe commercial. Happier times.

And there you have it. Proof.

While an Endemol Shine Australia spokesperson told the Daily Mail: "This is categorically untrue, none of the MAFS participants are actors," the evidence stacks up, and it seems the only one who isn't an actress is... Cyrell.

Which means that was pure, genuine rage she was bringing to each dinner party.

Sigh. We miss her.

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